Day 20 Himachal trip.

Everyone was on their own trip at Sunrise Cafe

Nat was playing the guitar, Rohit & Cigar were chilling, Jackie was sketching and Joe whistling a random tune when this happened, words rumbled in my head, I grabbed Jackie's glitter pen and Cigar's tissues and words came tumbling after. Joe saw the scribbles, loved it, and made me immortalize it in his travel diary

Image: Pinterest Marcia

In the chasm of openness

I feel you in my wilderness

Wild and free, unshackled

by our present or the future,

drawing closer than the wind 

around me..

I can breathe your skin

deeper than mine

Pulsating in me,

the heart beats

with your dreams,

alive in my eyes

I see you..

as you see me...

The way I see it, my relationship with Gaia has been the most fluid of all

Like a shapeshifter, has no form or purpose other than the experience, that springs to life..
And it makes sense, all of it 


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