Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 11

None of us say we are ugly..but then we are camera conscious.and hide ourselves behind people.feel unhappy in a trial room.. or mask ourselves in layers of make up..or skin correction..elimination..demolition creams..
And then the array of skin lightening creams for places u never imagined.. 
Are U Kidding me..There is a market for this crap?
Why.. exactly..
Whenever someone comments about my color and say I have got tanned (oh yeah, why not, I have sun window with lens on, through the office ceiling.. :/) ..I say I am 75% Lindt with the creaminess of silk and the strength of Absinthe..

That makes them shut..

I love that dialogue from Jab we Met.. "Main apni favorite hoon"..

Dont listen to all those who lecture on selfishness..
If you dont know how to love respect and be sensitive to your own self how will you know to do those for another person..

Someone once said..if u arent passionately enamoured by yourself..how will someone else be in love with you?

It is time you discover yourself..what tickles you..what makes you smile..listen to your favorite song.
Look at the mirror and aaj thoda flirt karo..
Dance to the beats of your heart, today..
Stop being careless about urself. Stop.Fall in love with yourself again..


Bhavya N said…
I love me too ;)
But yeah, agree to what you just said, if we cannot love ourselves and see the magic within us, how can someone else :)
Smita said…
So true!!!! Love thyself and the world looks beautiful!!!
But err don't get obsessed with yourself!!!
Kalpana said…
Very thoughtful post. Loving yourself is the first step to becoming happy.
I read somewhere that we never see ourselves three-dimensionally. We always see ourselves as flat images in the mirror.
I like that line. I shall try to be my own favourite from now on.
Lovely post.
Kajal Kapur said…
What a coincidence...main bhi apni favorite hoon :D

LOve the attitude girl...keep it up!
'Love your neighbhour like yourself'... and many people go around only loving the neighbhors without loving themselves.. convieniently they forget the latter part...so important to love yourself... and yes 'main bhi apni favourite hoon' ♥
Unknown said…
It is hard for me to look in the mirror and not see all my flaws. I hate mirrors. Sometimes I will see a picture of myself and realize...hey that lady doesn't look half bad. LOL

Pixie said…
Very true!! I love me too!! Don't even get me started on skin colour and the market/media obsessions! ugh!
Richa Singh said…
moolmantra for my life. Honestly , i am a self proclaimed narcissist and I am not even one bit weird to accept that. Thanks for posting the message which we must never forget :D

Apala Sengupta said…
aww! this is lovely! the 'main apni favourite hoon' attitude is what we all should start believing in! way to go, girl! :)
Me said…
To all my lovely Ladies.. We rock!!!!! *drum rolls and trumpets* :D
Shilpa Garg said…
That's the attitude we all should have. Way to go, girl :)

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