Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 3

Scent of a Woman

How many of us have seen this movie? It is Al Pacino at his best..a story about how inspite of being blind he is more sensitive to others via his amazing 5 senses led by his heart..
He talks about scent of each woman as being unique..and you know what..it is true!!!

Next time try taking a whiff of the top notes that emanates from the scalp and hair of  ladies in your life..Mum..Sister..Girlfriend..Wife..Friend.. tell them what you are doing..before they fearfully conclude you are on drugs!!
Try it on the day when she hasnt used any hair products..and take a whiff.. you will take time to identify..if you arent used to it..as it mild ..but once u sense it..u will be filled with a sense of familiarity..like you knew it all along..u will be able to identify and differentiate it from the rest..it even changes a bit depending on the mood of your lady...
You can do the same for guys..when they are not enveloped in a combo of sweat n deo.
I love the scent of my brother..especially the way his non sweaty shirt smells..I infact used to wear his shirts when he was away on a trip or tour..it is a scent of warmth..protection..comfort and love..
for some reason..for my family it smells of stench...it differs . .i guess..if u have memories associated with smell..
We always end up judging people close to us..based on how they react..what our pals say when we discuss it with them...
Sometimes it feels as if anything can break our fragile bond..in no time..
But develop a bond via your senses..the way you feel when they hold you or the way they feel when you hug
.soon u will be able to recognize various mood states without saying a word with your senses..and those bonds will run deeper forever..
And this isnt  just about grown ups in a relationship..Infact this is how babies recognize different members of their family..how your tiny tots realize you are in pain sad..happy..fearful..worried et al..They know cuz they sense it..
So go try that out and treasure these unique "sense memories"...
Share your experiences of sense memories you have had here..
Lots of love from me and here is a loving warm Hug


k said…
“It was inevitable: the scent of bitter almonds always reminded him of the fate of unrequited love.” - Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
On most days, my nose works at half mast, so unless a scent or smell is very strong, I am going to miss it.
However, I can relate to your post.

When I was a child, I remember hugging my grandmother, and there was a particular scent about her, of spices perhaps, mingled with sweat, but I could tell that she was around the place, with my eyes closed.
Apala Sengupta said…
scents are so important. I tend to associate memories or happenings with certain scents! another form of nostalgia i believe! nice one! :)
Bhavya N said…
That is a wonderful movie. There is another movie you can watch if you are more interested in smells, Perfume. Not everyone would appreciate it - warning you in advance. :)
Unknown said…
Very impressive. I am getting a sweet smell.
Me said…
Kd,Powerful feeling isn't it.. It just tugs your heartstrings and you get that sinking feeling in the gut,like a kick on the nuts..

Cynthia.. I think even my olfactory nerves have got burnt by years of strong artificial odours.. My Grana smells and reminds me of chicken roast smell..and she thinks I might eat her in sleep. Welcome to my Blog :)

Apala Senses are magical that way..the way they hold on strong to our memories even after so many years.. ^~^

Bhavya Perfume.. I will check that out.. Unless for brutal violence..I dont get easily offended.. Thank you :)

Usha..Hi! That is wonderful!!! What is the sweet smell of?
Oh ya I can so relate to this one.. sometimes some smells whiff past me and I get all nostalgic about either home or someone at home :) :)
Pixie said…
oh!! Lemme try this out...
how interesting!
Smita said…
Hmmmm you know I smell my kid & sometimes there are moments when I am in office & I suddenly get this whiff of smell and I miss the sonny boy!!!!
kalpana solsi said…
Coming home from school, I would be hungry and tired. I could tell from the aroma wafting as what my mom had cooked and I was always right and now my son too is always right. Genes.Loved the movie ;Scent of a woman.
Sreedev Soman said…
Wow...that was well penned. Very true that there are smells which lingers around us, every now and then and evoke feelings associated with it. The very first thing that hooked my mind, as I started reading, is the German film Perfume by Tom Tykwer based on Patrick Süskind's Perfume.
Shilpa Garg said…
Re-living memories through certain scents/smells is such a wonderful experience!! :)
Reema Sahay said…
I smell my little one all the time, and my heart fills with love. Babies have unique smell. I just can't express it in words.
I haven't seen that movie yet :-(

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