Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 30

I have been on a rush since yesterday. If I haven't visited your post, I will do so by the end of the day :D
Today my dear storytellers, the story is yours.
You are the protagonist and I am the artist who has painted your life in this story.
But then there is a difference.
I wont dictate the ending.. I want you to write your story and tell me about it
 Describe two different experiences as I post here.
This is an experiment.
 Don't Cheat and I will reply back before UBC 31

 Part I
Imagine one day you just woke up to find, you are this lady in this bottle drifting endlessly in the ocean like a real life scenario and not a fictitious surrounding. How do you feel right now.
No, it isn't a dream.
 You are actually here with no means of communication.
Express whatever comes to your mind right now...

Part II

Now that you have expressed your feelings, imagine suddenly out of the blue, you hear the following music Inside the bottle while you felt all that you described above..You hear it till the very end. Block out the title of the actual song. Close your eyes and listen. Now how do you feel?. What happens finally, tell me :)

Lots of Love.


kalpana solsi said…
Dee, you have put us in a tight spot.

I am very very scared of water and that will be the first emotion that I will experience.But crying won't help much. I have a very strong telepathy with my mom and will to communicate with her. But since I myself do not know in which part of the sea/ocean I am, I leave my fate to the higher forces of God.
kalpana solsi said…
wow! the piece of music is really soothing.I did not know how the 7 min flew by. Will hear again.
Bhavya N said…
Since I'm stuck, I'd sit back, lean against the bottle and look around, the waves splashing on the bottle that is holding me, the waves dancing and making love to my bottle, I'd probably look out for seagulls or eagles who might come and grip my bottle in their claws and take me on yet another journey, through the clouds instead of the waves :D :D
Bhavya N said…
Wow! That was absolute bliss. Almost felt like waves rising up down up down and being taken for a ride in my bottle! :D :D
Smita said…
Can't listen to the music as am at work but if I can get into a bottle my only thought would be "yay I have lost weight :D"
i would be very scared of being all alone by myself. closed spaces is another tight spot for me..and third is hunger...food always plays on mind.

Shilpa Garg said…
LOL @ Smita's comment!
Well, I'll sit back and enjoy! :D
Yupp, I am still in the sloth mode... cant get over SuKu's lesson today! ;)
the first part goes to a crescendo and it really fast paced my heart beat, i might get even more scared if I listened to this....

and then after the initial 2 min or so, the music is quite calming, could lull me to sleep.... and i would probably forget this stranded alone in a bottle feeling.
Unknown said…
I think I would completely freak out!! LOL Like Kalpana, I believe I would have to leave my fate to a higher source and hope for the best! This was a fun post!

ok part 1 - I felt completely claustrophobic O_O

part 2 - when i closed my eyes and imagined...if i would listen to this music in that situation then... still gasping for air I started looking around...and then slowly calmed down and tears started rolling.. and then i started crying uncontrollably :(
Richa Singh said…
part 1. I would feel damn suffocated I am already aquaphobic so that makes thinks worse for me. I don't think I would last long enough to hear a minute of that song. But if I wasn't in the bottle I would love the song way too much :)

Bhavya N said…
Where is the result of your experiments :P

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