We all live our lives for a moment of experience..to feel completely..the sensations that seemed to have stopped within..somehow even once that was rare,that you would wait to wolf down....just feels like dal baraabar..

No..it isn't the frequency that has messed it up.It's us...we always are in the anticipation of the next..
When was the last time, in that moment, the world seemed to fade?
Nothing else mattered.Just.That.Moment
I remember that dialogue of Parineeti in Hassee toh Phasee..sensations ho rahe hai
.jaise anginat tande tande phawaree body mein phoot rahe hai..

So stop..being in a rush.or thinking about something else while you are doing something..

Feel the way your cheek muscles stretch as you smile,
The way your pupils dilate ..hear your own heartbeat as you watch/do something you love..
Feel that khattapan of pan puri as it hits your tongue, the crunch that you hear..
The cold tingling rain drops..
The tadka of the spices wafting through the room..
The taste of your breath when you are anticipating something, moments before..
And even your fear,as your throat dries and palms sweat like you have stuck them in glue..
The Knott in your tums..
Live those moments.
Live em..
And I promise..you won't wait for another..hoping some person..situation..holiday..some grand moment..that will possibly make you feel alive..

You are... ;)


Anonymous said…
Mujhey sab hey yaad zara zara, tumeyn yaad ho key na yaad ho..

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