To you, My Best Friend

I am bad at introducing best friends to my friends.U know why? Cuz each friend feels they are the only one under that spotlight, till they realize it is a big tribe. TRUST ME..each one of you is unique and irreplaceable but today I wanna write to you, my dear Fidato.

When did it all begin..4 yrs ago? When we got shortlisted for Symbi and U topped the list. That random call I made to you. Our instant dislike for the journey we were to embark for the next two yrs and then in a spur of a moment, finding a mirror in a stranger and deciding to do our MBA

We instantly connected.. I remember it was day 3 after we had hadn't started yet..U were  part of Rehman's Jai Ho Concert,Pune and how the night before U got us permission to see his entire team rehearsing at Balewadi Stadium for the next day..It was just us as the audience and Ms Mangeshkar's Nephew.., under the star lit sky with moon doing a peek a boo, slight chill in the air and the heavenly live Music...
I was in a daze with the crew gauging our reactions and making changes to their rehearsal..
I still cant believe U fell asleep right in front of them but then I was at the top of the world to be indignant for long :P..
Next day how U in your impulse to get me on stage,  overlooked the fact that U were blocking Rehman and he was amused by the importance U gave me on his concert!!!

How we missed busses back to hostel and did all types of hitchhiking to get to the forest covered campus. Jugaad has always been your middle name..had the best two yrs in Symbi..and thereon..
 SRK and Bollywood must be fueled with overdriven hormones to say
"Ladka aur Ladki sirf dost nahi ban sakte"
 They don't know us..though one thing is true..whenever we meet something goes wrong or weird in the world around us..(Like in Hum Tum)

Or how no one could beat us in any argument than each other.  
And you Mr, I wrote the biggest speech about you in the yearbook (The longest that was written about anyone in the history of yearbooks)and all you wrote was Thank U, about Me??? Of course that was all encompassing, but at that moment when I read it , I wasn't filled with gratitude!!I wanted to fling a coconut Tree on your bootha!!!(Head)


From everyday calls that ended with a random phrase from a random book on our bookshelf to 2nd movie friends to being each others best critics and sounding boards to life..

As you start your new venture, that was once my dream..I wish you all the best..I believe in you..I don't know about me..But you are gonna be one of the most successful Icons of our times!!
I miss you so much!!!
Struggle is good Fidato, don't be disheartened, remember Simple Lives never made great Biographies ;)
It's all within you..
Big Universe wali Hug
Your Fidato :D


Richa Singh said…
Such a sweet post. I loved the whole Fidato element in it. And its so good to have friends who are so hell bent on not giving up on you. Deepti it showed me more of your character through this letter :) love you girlie.


Kajal Kapur said…
How sweet is that...btw I never agreed with the phrase 'ladka auladki...' I think its up to you and how you connect with someone.

Anyway, this letter emanates love and I hope it reaches him. God bless ya, Dee.

Bear hugs for you :*
Suzy said…
What a sweet wish for your friend. I hope someday you can tell him face to face.
Tarang Sinha said…
Hi Me!
Such a sweet letter to your friend! Learned a new word Fidato!
I really liked the candid expression of feeling...:)
I love this! What a heartfelt post.
Anonymous said…
All the best to your best friend. A very sweet and heartfelt account of a friendship. :)
awww a lovely letter Dee.. loved your wish for your friend... hope you tell him this :) :)
Pixie said…
Such a sweet post!
And what a coincidence!! I had written a similar post to my best friend and then deleted it because it hurt too much to miss him!

I loved your post and it brought back such lovely memories! :)
Bhavya N said…
I miss my friend soooo much now... readicng this... I had a similar sort of story... without Rahman and concerts of course... but it began something like yours...
Thank you soooo nuch for writing this babe.. mwahhs to you...

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