Strangers: Net pals

M gonna be a father, said Mark
 Ron was surprised; Mark never mentioned a lady..
 You are in love! Who’s she?

 Yes, but not with a “she”.
 I’m pregnant, Ron.
 YOU WHAT?? It must be gas!!! says Ron.

This is delusion, not love
 Nope, said Mark reading Ron’s thoughts..

 Yes, Mark..
 I’m an earthworm

This was my first attempt at 55 Fiction , devised by Vidya. What do you think?


Oh wow! Trust you to come up with something so funny! ;)
Richa Singh said…
Like Corinne even I was sure you would cook up something else :D :D I loved it! I am an earthworm hahaha

Unknown said…
Good one. The final twist is very good.
Shilpa Garg said…
LOL :D Too good!! Loved it :D
Unknown said…
Oh boy!! That kept me going to the very end. Love that final twist. It left me with my mouth hanging open!! LOL You are brilliant!

Anonymous said…
:D Earthworm huh? What a twist! :D

Bhavya N said…
This is something only you can do! Ho God! :D :D
Anonymous said…
Loved it....a wow end!
Afshan Shaik said…
Just imagining this is makng me laugh loud
vow!! too good for a first attempt :)
sulekkha said…
Loved the tail end of the poem :)
an earthworm? hehehe!! great 1st attempt girl!
Anonymous said…
Love the beautiful end. I am smiling, girl:)
Pixie said…
That was good!!
Loved it!! The end was brilliant!
Tan-May said…
Wooow Duggu.....
Strange you wrote that... :P

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