Free to Express

I have been meaning to write on this for a while now..
Are we all haters, primarily?
I want to know.. Are we repressed souls that use the Phrase.. "Pen is mightier than the sword" to the fullest benefit to scald people beyond grief??

Why do we do that? Cuz put face to face, we would never have the guts to tell the person on their face what we really think of them? Or Secretly our criticisms are not directed towards helping the person improve, but to maim the person till we succeed in crucifying the spirit of the person with a mob?

Be it celebrities, politicians or even someone popular on social networking sites... The way some people comment/post/express, I wonder if they are waiting for a weak moment to come to fore and Bhamm!!!!, all set to strike.

Why is that?
Doesn't Freedom come with responsibility?

Have you ever been in a position of power or say just been a leader?

If you have, you would know, every action has long term consequences. You then behave not as you would like to,  as an individual to a situation but as a foresighted leader who does what is best and not start a dominos effect of chaos throughout your team..

Have U ever got over your fears and faced public, doing what you were passionate about..?
You know I used to make Fun of Justin Bieber too!!!Do U know why there are so many Beliebers??
He is a good sensitive guy, a girl who had once attended his concert was raped by a group as she was travelling back home..and when he came to know of it..He left everything and rushed to help her out in every stage of her recovery process..
Just because we don't understand the whole picture,we base our attacks, on what we superficially understand and  then burn them down with our venomous verbal barbs for being different...

We need to realize, that World is nothing but a Ship Of Theseus.. With every passing generation, the passengers and so also moral code keeps changing..why blame the ship  then.and if we are so hell bent in being the quality inspectors then what have we so greatly done to improve our own quality??? The spirit?. OF COURSE IT isn't the same anymore. ‪.when you yourself aren't...

 Sometimes, I feel evolution of humans is tracing a downward spiral, not realizing that it is us collectively leading to each others' eventual doom.. Like Karma, it all come back.
U really want the spirit back, then do the right thing, as our role models did..
Be Human First, before you yield your weapons..cuz the best know, weapons never really won any war of freedom

Lots of Love


Mina Menon said…
Arre but I get sadistic pleasure in maiming some people ... to vent out all hidden frustration ;)
kalpana solsi said…
Our criticisms are direct to wreck a person , to vent out our frustrtions and ire and not to improve that person. Our country lacks good leaders and leadership qualities. This must be the sole reason.
Anonymous said…
Oh yes, I agree completely and especially the KARMA part. :)
Tarang Sinha said…
Very nice post Me!
People must have the sense of responsibility while enjoying the freedom. And how can we enjoy freedom without a sense of security?
Happy Independence Day!:)
Nandini said…
This is one of the things that even I don't understand. Why are we so afraid of taking up responsibilities but always ahead to point out others' mistakes? That's why sometimes, people become cynics and stop caring about anything altogether. Nothing makes sense at all. And yes, violence is not needed when one has love to offer. I guess humans are just self-destructive when left on their own.
Pixie said…
Nice post!
Freedom of expression does come with responsibility
and careless words hurt people and nations!
Unknown said…
Brilliantly said! We can't go crazy with our freedoms but be responsible. Some people are quick to accuse and tear down. It would be so much better if people were quicker to be kind and lift up!

Richa Singh said…
well I would say that everything you have mentioned is such a huge truth that i wonder how we can even run away from it. Freedom is a bane sometimes, I wrote a post long long back it was called :Freedom is the most expensive commodity I still stick to it...

Vishal Bheeroo said…
It is so true the way we hit at celebs. But, little do we realize how much hard work it took so that they reach the pinnacle of success. But, our freedom to write in an objective manner must override all consideration. After all, whom are we fooling?! I condemn how Mahesh Murty, social media, speaker wrote some sexist comment on NDTV anchor, Nidhi Razdan, writing she was raped by her guest. What has net become and how we lost all our senses as human beings.
Bhavya said…
Come back Dee......... we miss you :(
Kalpana said…
I really enjoyed reading this post. Didn't know this story about Justin Bieber.It's very heartwarming.
BTW - where are you? You haven't posted for so long.

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