Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 4

Happiness - the elusive bird
What don't we do to achieve it..
Search for the perfect job?
Seek the perfect life partner ..? Compatible Inlaws?
..have babies?
Shop endlessly
Party to numb pain..
Travel to exotic places...
Eat comfort food..
Bury ourselves in Books..Movies..Friends
Be highly networked..thnik it is about that position or pay packet

We live those moments..cuz it gives us hope that at the end of the rainbow..we will find our pot of endless happiness..
But what happens the minute it is over?
When the people/situations we are dependent on ..cause unhappiness?
.we live in denial..trying to numb the pain ..desperately seeking to bring those moments back again..

There is a line in the movie "Break ke baad"..
"What's the point of wiping the photo frame repeatedly when the.spots are on the photo. ."

 Joy has to come from within..
Once that happens..our perspective to situation changes..when we are happy by our own actions..our reactions to situations and grief
We start feeling happy about  "Our Now"
..We live freer..more brighter..High on Life and magical each day..

Like the musk deer who seeks for the scent everywhere but within..
Search within..cuz It's all within you..


someone said, The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt...

loved the poem...when there are spots on the photo why wipe the frame...true!
Smita said…
Joy has to come from within...
wow!! so true!
Bhavya said…
Loved it loved it loved it!! :)
Unless you are happy with yourself, you can never truly be happy with anything else in life.
Reema Sahay said…
Absolutely, happiness comes from within. Of course, we get upset when things don't go our way or people don't behave the way we want them to; but sometimes I think it should not be so. It all boils to how you feel within. Thought-provoking post :)
Pixie said…
You are so right!!
I agree, happiness and joy has to come from within!
Beautifully written :)
kalpana solsi said…
Joy has to come from within oneself and not found elsewhere.Good post.
Richa Singh said…
how lovely darling its something that we often forget and honestly as simple as it looks on paper it is damn difficult to follow in real life. Everyone once in a while such reminders should be set so that we may never go searching like the musk deer for the unknown scent. What a beautiful concept elucidated through a lovely post :)

such a happy post :) :)... true to all that you have written.. happiness has to come from within.. it means that our heart may long for many things and that is not wrong but incase we don't get it even then we should be happy... blissful that stage must be I am sure :)
Shilpa Garg said…
Lots of food to chew on... loved this... "What's the point of wiping the photo frame repeatedly when the.spots are on the photo." So very true!

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