Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 31

I am in a daze. Like a deer caught in the headlights.As always, I like the journey more than the destination..

U know how it was for me? Different Women getting on a cruise, each on a search of something ,within.. For me I had to find some answers, numb..I wanted to feel again.. like a Human..Alive..

So, we were all getting used to the new surroundings, taking in the change, asking questions, if we did the right thing to embark on this journey when out of nowhere like the Life of Pi meets Titanic..there came a fierce Storm and the Ship broke into pieces.
All gone, except few of us with a duffel bag filled with food & water..floating adrift a piece of wood from the ship..

We realize via the Thunderous Voice of God aka Corinne that if we keep floating and swimming together, helping atleast two of the survivors closest to us,  then collectively in 31 days we could all reach the shore..Not all might make it, but this would be our only chance.. Scared, aquaphobic, unsure of the path ahead we try each day to help ourselves initially.. hoping that our action for the day would make us last the next..

For what was a challenge then, wasn't limited Food or Water, but the feeling of loneliness & despair, that would kick in, amidst a sea of strangers, each armed only with log of words to call their very own. Slowly as the days rolled by, it wasn't just about our sole survival anymore..we were looking out for each other..We decided that everyday we would Share something with our fellow survivors,that would not only keep our brain  active,but also keep us alive within.
.I clearly remember on day 10, my spirit was failing, it felt battered against time to keep up with rest. I was all set to drift out and smooch the dementors when Suni, Bhavya, Smita and Shilpa said Riddikulus, and the shared laughter drove the boggy blues away..Without saying a word, we all decided to not just look out for 2 others, but all.. We all built a ship and Lo what a Ship it was..!!!
UBC Ship of Corinne
Kalpana would subtly share a lesson via her thought provoking stories and heart gripping poems, Smita would relate stories of her family especially Son Arnav, who I later realized had taken after his Mom; with the mischief of Hobbes embedded within, Bhavya and Princess  weaved their magical words around my bleeding heart and made it whole..like Angels in the form of Smurfs residing inside my soul, Shilpa, the voice of clarity and reason, she would bring a shift in the air whenever she felt we all were reaching a lull point, Kajal, was my highest form of random awefumness who filled my heart in glee,Apala who would make us go into depths of thought with her Haikus, Pixie charmed us with her impish words cloaked as Leprechauns through and through. Kathy and Kalpana Misra introduced me to a whole new world, I grew up a lot in these few days, than I ever did in my entire lifetime.While Suni liked to inform us what she would playfully cook, through her travails of words much well in advance, Richa found it super fun to keep us at the edge of our logs, every single day!!! I was sure towards the end, we would all morph into mermaids, having spent so much of  time, underwater. :P.
Our month long journey came to an end, today as we reached the shore, finally back into our own lives stumbling through different states of happiness and wonderment.

And as I look back,I am reminded of The ship of Theseus, aka Theseus's paradox, that raises the question of whether another UBC which has all its components replaced remains fundamentally the same object aka if I am with a new array of bloggers, each as befitting as this one, will it ever be the same as my soul felt in this journey with each one of you . . .
Lots of Love


and Dee who made our blogs by her wonderful comments ♥ you are such a motivator Dee...I especially liked the effort you put in not only to read each of the blog but also leave meaningful comments :) :).. Thank you sooooo much gal♥

I have an award waiting for you on my Day 31 post...go get it :D
You're crazy and I love you! ♥
Kajal Kapur said…
Hey thanks Dee for being there in this journey. It was surely a challenge but together we made it! Congratulations on completing the challenge and hope to see you around :)
Unknown said…
I absolutely loved all the imagery you used in this post. Love and hugs to you. Thank you for keeping me on the straight and narrow so I could finish this thing right along side you drifting on our piece of wood. Hope that water is warm!! LOL Don't fancy turning blue from the cold. I loved getting to knowing you this month and look forward to all the friendly banter, posts and visiting back and forth in the future!!

Pixie said…
You my dear have a way with words!! ♥
every single comment and word of encouragement worked! And you were awesome!! Thank you! :) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Bhavya N said…
You were a wonderful find and I'm so happy we met during the UBC. Like C said, you're crazy and I love you :) :) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
You added HP's tidbits too and that too on his birthday. Loyal fan ;)
Hope to read your blog more and get to know you even more. Hugs babes.
Muaaah!!!!! U came in like a breath of fresh air, charming and chirpy in ur own little ways and filled my heart with delight! it's been awesome (or shud i say awefum, just like u would like it to be? :)) sharing this month with you, ur child-like enthusiasm is so infectious that I had become like one too! (uh-oh why is this sounding like a goodbye?) I'm amn't letting you go anywhere girl!! u rock! love and hugs!
Shilpa Garg said…
I second SuKu! I love the way you comment! It gives such a lively feel! :) Glad that our paths crossed through this challenge. Loved the journey too! Love and cheers :)
Richa Singh said…
Ohh Deepti! I am always soo happy to read your posts all throughout. I can almost imagine you sitting on your chair typing away with such cuteness. Yes you got it I have a very cute image of you really. And darling this UBC I found a wonderful blogger and friend *hugs*

Smita said…
Did I tell you that u r one mad girl & that your madness is addictive & contagious? No?

I am telling you now!!! :P

And Ya I am thankful to UBC & Corinned for getting us all together :)
Kalpana said…
Thank you Dee for your kind mention. You've woven together words and imagery in a brilliant way.
And yes, thanks to Corinne too for drawing my attention to the UBC. It was wonderful, I didin't blog every single day - I put two blogs in the Challenge and that was too much. Family responsibilities made it impossible but that's ok - I learnt my limits and the BEST thing of all was to meet a wonderful bunch of people.

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