Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 29

Someone, anyone tell my mind to take a chill pill and stop being obsessed about Tattoo(S)

I Want a tattoo and I know it has multiple associations with it..

None of them from what history tells me has been a fond memory for those who were branded with one (as an identification mark..to be targeted and treated like a lesser human..)

With time it evolved to be a symbol of rebellion .. and that my dear friends is causing a problem for me.

Not that my church helps with sermons on how it is the influence of Satan that makes one 'defile' their body.

My parents are dead against it..even when I told them, I wont bleed their coffers for it :P

Tell me how do I convince them? 

I have tried it all..been a good girl, dressed in salwar kameez, not behaved like a I-am-the-head-chef-listen-to-me daughter for few weeks, cleaned my room,not played games on phone endlessly, actually attended a few weddings and not glared at auntijis who usually are more interested in my future than their messed up kids... 
and Yet, they don't relent!!! 
Anymore efforts and I will be conferred with the title of living saint :Dee.. 

I want ideas from you, my superCool grownups and please be on my side *toothy grin* #LattooOverTattoo :P


kalpana solsi said…
When you are with yr friends use a sticker tattoo and peel it off when you at home. having best of both the worlds.
Smita said…
Go get it done and then show them. After that u can be the saint that u r being now :D
Bhavya N said…
Girl. Are you me? Or am I you? :P
Me too #LattooOverTattoo My parents are against it too. My only hope? That shaadi would be redemption. That I can torture my hubby into letting me have one. :P :D
Kajal Kapur said…
A decision of a tattoo is one for life. Whatever you get done perceive it as something you can live with forever. As far as parents are concerned, actually no one can get their minds to change. Mine never accepted the fact that I got them done but I got them nevertheless. Because I was convinced I can live with them.

Are these the birdies that you plan to get done...they are beautiful! :D
Shilpa Garg said…
I second Smita :D
Liked the phrase LattooOverTattoo :D
Unknown said…
Ultimately it is your life, your body, and your choice. Once it is there, there is little anyone else can do about it.

Shail said…
I agree with Smita, and also with Kajal to make sure that you would want to live with it for life.
Parents do not normally change their mind. Though I was Miss Goody Two Shoes as a child, my parents still had objection to many harmless things,including posters of Bjorn Borg and Abba on my walls. I learnt to just go ahead and do what I liked.
As a parent now,I fall in the 'cool' category (or so say my kids plus their friends) ;)
I am the other way round... my husband has one and has been torturing me to have one.. and for the life of me I will not do it O_O... I will never do it because I will never be able to take the pain I am 100% sure....

and with my parents... Hunger strike always works...and also the meena kumari act.. have you tried it??
Pixie said…
Errmm! I would say - "Go for it"
because, you have to love it and live with it.. since its permanent - you cant change your mind later...

Or like Kalpana says - a temporary one maybe ? for now? to keep peace?! :P
u know what? parents are never going to agree to it... if ur very keen go get it done... and then let them discover it later.... i got mine done that way, albeit , it was the husband without telling whom i got it done!

btw, remember to go to a trusted place... chk that the needle is fresh and unused.and the colour is non toxic and allergy free.
Me said…
I have so many things to tell each one of you. Will change this reply by tonight and Thank U soo much for all the ideas :D :D :D (And I thought I was the wicked one :P)
Richa Singh said…
#lattoovertattoo this is such a wonderful idea!! I love your ideas Deepti they all make me laugh :D :D and well well you have done all the impossible things, salwar kameez clean room etc etc.

Go for it! And then come up with a post soon!!


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