Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 26

Sometimes I just want to walk
I don’t have to reach a place
I have no destination
& yet I find my goal

Sometimes I am not structured
My brain doesn’t classify into boxes
It just strings, skips & swaggers
& yet it makes its point

Sometimes I like solitude
To not be with anyone or ever to belong
Have no strings attached & just float
& yet in chasm of space, I find harmony

Sometimes I don’t have rhythm
My chords don’t play by note
It isn’t the part of the big picture
 & yet it is a Grandeur,a Symphony

Sometimes I am a stranger
A face you haven’t seen
Nor a thought you used to hear
& yet in the halls of loneliness,
You seek your soul in me

Sometimes I fail
In what you expect of me
Of what the role demands
& yet I feel like a winner, with the phobias lost

In life.not all victories are gain,
Not all pain is misery

No money can buy your dreams
No dream is life,unless lived through

Sometimes, just sometime..
Realize that I am not a somebody.


sometimes we are so through with living life like everybody expects us to and doing what is expected ..that it tires us, and then all we want is to do nothing, let ur being wander where it wants to, be in solitude. two lines that i loved the most are- "not all victories are gain,
Not all pain is misery"
seemingly innocent lines but so profound.
kalpana solsi said…
..........and always you wrote lovely things.
Not all victories are gain. Profound wisdom in these 5 little words. At times there is loss in the victory. Keep it up.
Tarang Sinha said…
Beautiful poem!:)
Bhavya N said…
You are never a nobody. You are loved, wanted and cherished. You are special, loving and talented. You can never ever be nobody, even if you try :)
The TurtleQueen said…
I saw myself in the rhythm of your poetry. I enjoyed this very much.

The TurtleQueen
I loved it Dee and as I was reading it I could connect... I especially loved the use of 'sometimes'...because that seems to be true. No matter how many people I have around but sometimes, just sometimes I have had all those feelings :)
Richa Singh said…
Wow Deepti ! I read it twice I loved it so much. Don't we all have such soleful moments. Such a beautiful poem sweetie :)

Kajal Kapur said…
I still believe that were all special in some or the other way. This is a nice poem, Dee.

Great job!

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