Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 25

What is your one quirk that gets on everyone's nerves. I know we all have more than we can count but right now, just one will do :P
I will tell you mine.
If I am traveling in a train or bus and if it is crowded, then I expect you to discipline your hair and keep it out of my face..
I am sure you think U are Rapunzel and feel God has woven it out of purest silk, on your scalp.But for me, it is nothing more than cobweb I walked into..
So if I have told U thrice to keep your hair fueled by cyclone that chooses my face to revolve on,  to yourself and u still do nothing about it..then yes..I will take a cheap rubberband I keep in my bag for people like you and tie your hair in it.
Yes, that's my quirk.
I have done it.No, I am not embarrassed. What I am, is very very angry and feel like slapping those directors who think it is fun to show a girl letting her hair fly into boy's face and think he likes it.. NOBoDY likes it and I am not your Husband/Boyfriend/Unclean face who only likes it cuz it wipes the snort off his nose and his morning drool. IF I were the director, I would've poured superglue on heads of those who thought such ideas were alluring.
So I am done here..and I think now you hate me..But hey, atleast I am honest :D

So, what is your quirk that you do that can irritate the bejesus out of people?


kalpana solsi said…
First I loved the pic. I too have suffered from this problem in public transport. Once I told a female to tie up her hair as I did no like noodles of her hair all over my face.
Unknown said…
That is pretty annoying. I don't even like my own hair long for the same reason.

Tarang Sinha said…
I don't travel much so I haven't experienced this but it must be annoying!

I hate it when people talk or laugh loudly in public place. I've seen some people doing this in hospitals!! Can you imagine? It was so irritating that I almost wanted to tell them "Will you please keep quite?" But I didn't. Instead I wrote a post on my blog:)
I have travelled by local trains and know exactly what you mean.. but people usually listened to me when I complain to them the first time :D :D so never had to use a rubber band :P
Pixie said…
oh yea! I agree with you!!
The hair and another thing that annoys me is people talking loudly on their cell phones in a crowded bus or train! gah!
What's the need to announce one's business to all and sundry?!
Bhavya N said…
I know exactly ehat you are talking about. Someone's hair in your mouth, face is just so disgusting and more than that, they should have the basic manners to understand that they are intruding into someone else's private space.
But then, I am a gentle being no quirks like that. I don't even complain usually :P
ur totally cute...!! luckily, i have really short hair, that doesn't even fly upto my face!! so there...one problem solved!

i hate to see people glued to their mobiles all the time. as if they are the busiest people on earth, either talking as if a million dollar deal is about to be cracked or twiddling their thumbs on the keyboards, furiously updating all and sundry about every little thing happening in their lives...ugh!
btw, why are there 2 posts for 24th day?
Me said…
because I forgot the date, Princess.. I am absent minded that way :P
Richa Singh said…
I am with you on this. And also I have once accidentally burnt a girl's hair in school. Her hair were open and were walking with candles for carol service. I didn't know how but her hair caught fire through the candle :D :D

Shilpa Garg said…
That sure is very irritating but carrying a rubber band and tying it yourself.... very very cool. I like that!! :D

Anonymous said…
I'm a grammar snob :(

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