Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 24

I want to ask you something today..
You may choose not to reply at all and I respect that..
But answer the two questions that I am about to ask you, to your own self and know the answer, for you
Do you have The Last Leaf?

As in the Story by O Henry and adapted by Lootera Movie,
Something or Someone so dear, that you feel, if you lose it(them), you will be gone forever.
Maybe not physically, but you would be left soulless and won't be ever U again?

If the Last Leaf from the tree falls, you will die
Pic of my favorite tree

Now, is there anyone in the world you know, for whom you are the Last Leaf?
For whom you are the world.
They breathe every single day, cuz you do.
No matter how tough the day goes, it is all worth the deal, cuz in the end, they come back to your warmth and love.
For whom they could fight the world, no matter how weak they are themselves and would never have crossed the barriers for anyone but you.
For you, they would trade their soul, to the devil and beyond, if it keeps you alive and U

There would be storms in your life, and pain that is unimaginable beyond despair..
You could possibly lose it all..
Except the Last Leaf
What keeps it alive, is you
Loads of Love


Shilpa Garg said…
I believe a mother is the Last Leaf for a child. Kajal and I were talking about this yesterday.
I have blogged about it here... http://shilpaagarg.com/2010/08/this-dream-should-die.html
Kajal wrote abt this yesterday!
Bhavya N said…
Hmm... thats a very interesting question to ask D. I would have said yes, there is someone I love to death, but that would not be entirely true. So, no I do not have a last leaf. But my daddy says he lives cuz of me, he smiles cuz I do... so thath counts me as the last leaf in daddy's life na...
Pixie said…
Hmm.. yea. there is someone. But, I am not sure abt the dying part...
Richa Singh said…
My sister and my husband. And yes for me it would be the end of the world for me... and good point Shilpa Kajal also blogged something like this :-)

yes I have few last leaves in my life and I am also the last leaf in Ritchie's life... I am absolutely sure about that... ♥
Me said…
Shilpa, Kajal, Richa.. if you have the time to ponder on this, rethink.. cuz your last leaf isnt the one you mentioned and that is the purpose of this post..:)

Bhavya, Pixie, Suni the same holds true for all of you too..If you do realize what I planted in this post, let me know :)
set me thinking... names kept crossing my mind but somewhere or the other i kept striking it off too.... now, i think it could be my own inner self... ready to fight against the world, even if that's beyond the limits. ready to do anything to keep me alive.
Me said…
Perfect Princess..It is us.. we are our last leaf.. No, not out of narcissism, but the actual truth. We trust ourselves the most, even regd others..We sleep well at night cuz we know we are there to take care of it all..even in the post visualization by Kajal and Shilpa, what they wished to be there are themselves, for their loved ones.. We are the only ones we 100% rely on..even if we are believers in God and Loved ones.. :D
Bhavya said…
I'm my last leaf? :) :)
Wow! What a wonderful thought D... <3

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