Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 22

This happened with me 3 years back when I was studying in Symbiosis, Pune...

I will give u a tip..
I never thought U would ever...

If U find someone attractive, and are pulled in, to stand and admire, make sure you dont stand there for too long..or the object of your affection could possibly develop an eye for You and that may not be entirely what U really seek :/

So there was this guy, right outside my hostel window who looked like someone right out of my dream. Everyday he would stand outside my window, at the same place, basking in the morning sun, showing off his muscles, clothed in Beautiful designer Skin, Eyes that spun my world round and round, spinning a tale that could wrap around me in a hug..

He knew I checked him out every single day.. that I was stalking him, and then I decided after a week..
This is it.I had to capture him in my memory and my camera clicked him furiously without caring to see, who thought it was unblushingly embarrassing of me to salivate this way
He stood there for a while, allowing me to click him and then gave a meaningful look and went away..

Scene 2
2000 hrs..

I had just finished washing half my wardrobe and was waiting to hang it dry..I had exhausted all possible locations inside my room, outside on neighbors cloth line, when I remembered to venture into my drying area attached to my bathroom.

I stayed on the ground floor of the Girls Hostel and my drying area wall (was like a laced semi backless top showing off its back,) opening into the lawn outside..
So carrying my bucket of dripping wet clothes that I never learned to wrung dry,I go in there and make a Swift U turn, looking like an albino

I quickly bolt the drying area door and come out screeching like a Banshee, calling out Carmel (friend's) name.

Carmel gently tiptoes into the bathroom like a ballerina, opens the door,takes a peek a boo on the clothsline to see what I was frantically pointing to..

In there...was this Chameleon (remember my morning designer skin guy, Yeah HIM)the one I clicked  ..swinging happily in erm my favorite Satin-Lycra Lingerie, using that as his hammock with only its gravity defying sturdy tail to be seen outside..

We both called Elis( my tomboyish, I-will-hack-you -if-you-trouble-me-for-no-reason, neighbor), who tries to poke it out with a hanger, following which it snuggled deeper into it :I

Tara my great warrior who had by then heard commotions in my room, came in, took the jet sprinkler..a.k.a. the butt spray ..the one U use after you take a leak or crap..yeah..that one to jet spray on this guy. The plan was to stun him, so that he would jump off, and scurry out of the drying area laced wall.

But the min we did that..its tail drooped, flaccid with the cold shower, he jiggled a bit and then plopped on the ground, with the undies as his superman cloak and ran away

Carmel couldn't stop Laughing..
I couldn't stop shrieking
Tara and Eli glared like they would spray me with the ice cold water if I didn't shut up..

Next day, that tortured piece of clothing aka his cloak was found on the outside stairs of the hostel and the story, half across the campus.

I remember when Tangled was released later on, my friends teased me to no end about Pascal the Chameleon being Rapunzel's best friend in the movie..

I never opened my drying area, a day after that, ever!!

This is what happens, when I say I am in love with nature, Murphy(Of Murphy's Laws fame) plays a joke on me, till I stop making such overarching statements... 


Unknown said…
That is funny. You all were very resourceful and what a wonderful tale to have lived to tell about. LOL

Shilpa Garg said…
OMG! I thought it was a real boy and I was admiring you for introducing me to a new phrase, beautiful designer skin (I presumed it for handsome, spotless skin etc) and you tell me now that it was chameleon!! LOL :D
Very witty narration. Enjoyed it :)
Kajal Kapur said…
You crack me up, girl...this is a great account of the incident. Ha! :D
Shail said…
OMG, Can't stop laughing. You at least expressed an interest in him. I never did. I never ever clicked him either and yet he always popped up all over to scare me out of wit's end.
Here, take a look: http://shailsnest.com/2008/10/22/my-jurassic-park/

Pixie said…
oh man! I can't stop laughing!! LOL!!
Bhavya N said…
Ha ha ha :D You're my dose of morning sunshine, you totally give me the highs I need to survive a boring day at office. Loved the way you narrated the story babe :D
yeh lo! khoda pahad nikla chuha..i mean..chameleon! i was almost thinking, i was about to be treated to a spicy account of some..hmmm..umm..ahem ahem! and inspite of seeing ur comment on my post I didn't realise what was coming!! suddenly my IQ seems lower than a pre KG kid! LOL!!

Talk of being soul sisters!! yea yea yea!!
what ya.. i was imaging a real hunk flexing his muscles and all.. and i thought he was hiding in your dry area for you O_O .. it was Chammy on your chuddi ???? :D :D :D but ok that was sexy too :P :P
Richa Singh said…
Girl you took me by surprise! this was quite something :P I really loved it a lot and it made me laugh too much :D :D

Kalpana said…
This is a superb story. You have a way with words indeed. I could just see the chameleon swinging on his lycra lace hammock.

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