Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 20

First of all, thank you for sending me your addresses.
I know all of you are curious as to what will happen next, wondering why I havent replied back to any of your sweet mails.
No. Not being rude. Not one bit.
Trust me and forget about it till it's time :)

Part II
As Promised yesterday in part I of this Challenge  let's play  part II.
I had a wonderful time reading all your self descriptions and now I am curious to see what you will write for the person whose post was above yours, yesterday.

Till Post UBC 21, I am going to keep updating my descriptions for all those, I have known in the UBC Journey..
As I don't want to keep you waiting, I am posting the link straightaway :)
My descriptions of you are my associations with you and your words. I am a non vegetarian. Hope I don't  offend anyone with my comparisons. It is my way of expressing what you are to me :)

Kalpana Solsi: You are like the Chicken Biryani, the sorts you get a pleasant whiff of, when you lift the lid. As you take a spoonful, you reach the rich flavors and spices adorning the chicken. You dont need any other dish to go with this, maybe a raita to tone down the spices and be able to handle gush of flavors that fills your tummy and makes you wipe off the plate clean with a grin on your face :D

Bhavya: You are like the liqueur filled caramel chocolate custard. Slide the spoon in and one effortlessly gets to know you. First bite of the caramel chocolate heaven and you think this is it, and just then the liqueur oozes out and it fills your senses in a tizzy and the next bite is a further high all over again!

Shilpa Garg   : Butter soaked Parathas with herbed Lassi. from the Paratha wali Galli. The ones you eat on a sunday morning..Piping Hot spicy paneer aloo paratha, that doesn't stop surprising you. Combine it with chole, pickle or plain curd. Best had with home made maska, that glistens with energy. Can have 7 in a row and feel like I can outrun an Ostrich in a race.A dish I have been relishing since childhood and still keeps surprising me with the way it is innovated every single time to bring a smile on the face and burp on the lips.

 Smita : Shawarma. The only dish that manages to make me relish  the naughty pickled beetroot and carrots,  rolled in the warmth of pita bread gushing with the gentle hummus enveloping the corner roasted and  juicy insides of chicken, decorated with the crispy French fries dipped in olive oil.

Kajal : Cheese Fondue Platter of Chocolate Room. Can you really stop yourself with one? First of all it is cheese. On top of it, you have these array of butter soaked breads,Fries, pistachio biscuits, sausages, mushrooms. Hell I would even eat a broccoli in this sea of cheese. Last time,I tripped and danced out of the Chocolate Room Pune, the Manager had one look at me and said, "I know" :D

SuKupedia ™  :  Wine and Non Veg Platter under the star lit sky. In fact your posts make me feel, that if I close my eyes, I will be sitting on my non turbulent magic carpet and having my non veg platter with wine to compliment, depending on the mood and location..lazing away. As If my entire life is a dream come true. One min I am at the Pyramids and next on the rivers of Milan.

Princess:  Serendipity is what I would call this..I had planned to write Kheer Kadam for you and You described the same for yourself.. Sigh.. there has never been a time when I have been to Sweet Bengal and not had 5 in a row, slowing down in time, my canines gently slicing through each layer, letting the syrup of rasgulla rush into the peda as I nommmed nommed it in erm pleasure :D.. In fact in my previous office, whenever someone got a box of Kheer Kadam, they would get extras for me, as they knew I would shamelessly wipe them off without thinking of who is unwillingly sacrificing their bite, for me :P

Apala U remind me of Pop Rocks.. The one you just sprinkle in your mouth and it crackles leaving your tongue tizzy with the occasional popping inside.. U know when I was a Kid, I used to pop it into the half opened mouths of Uncle Aunties, relatives, strangers in the bus..et al as they snored away in glory...It was hilarious to see them waking up to the sensation of something buzzing electric on their tongue & a confused look on their faces, as if they just swallowed an army of ants and buzzing bees :P

Richa, every single day with your posts, do you know what U remind me of?
Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. You my dear Girl, are what they say "expect the unexpected"..though at times I feel I understand you..U are a surprise package till the very end!One needs to jump right in and chew the flavor of the bean to know..but U know what..U are every bit worth taking the risk with.. :D

Kathy, you are my English brunch I love to make in Summers. Toasted Bread with the eggs sunny side up, pepperoni Salami combined with crackling and roasted Sausages, stir fried with slightly chewy bacon, with yummy baked beans and fries on the side.. It take one helluva time to prepare all on my own..But once done with the speed of lightening for brunch it is all a happy goofy grin face time from thereon. Mums are awefum in every part of the world, but you make me drown U in a big hug and pull your cheeks..U are warm and chirpy!!! Btw, you haven't sent your address yet, My lady  :D

Pixie, you are like the Kamikaze shots.. It's great straight up and one feels all heroic and asks, who's the king, like Gabbar in Sholay, Holi Kab hai, Kab hai Holi/ Down 7 and U are all nutters after that..From day one I have always imagined you as a Pixie. Trust me.It resonates through your name, writing and imagery. I think of you as a boy cut haired Girl, pointed cute nose, pixieish ears. Tattoos on the back or the shin and someone who is totally Bonkers. Why U ask, I would say..ask yourself :D

Kalpana Misra, you are like the omelette toast I prepare on weekdays when I come home back from work.
Frothy well beaten egg, with half a teaspoon of mayo, chopped green mirch, minutely diced tomato and onion, freshly grated pepper and pinch of maggi chicken cube,sprinkled with oregano and chilly flakes all dancing on a dollop of home made maska till it golden brown on one side and still semi liquidy on the other..Folded, but not cooked on the other side. Coupled with toasted bread in Maska, that oozes out maska when U bite into it.. Aaah the heavens..combined with Heinz.. This is one dish I like it when I make it and no one else. No matter how tired or worn down by the day I am, I take charge of this mini meal and I feel in control..That's all I need.. I dont need a dinner or anything else.M back to my element. Thank you for being U, Kalpana. I wish I had a pic of what I have made, But all I have is a google Image..

Cynthia, you are like the passover bread and milk that my Mum makes. No one I know can make it the way she does. Now I know the passover meal is a metaphor. it is so significant and Holy that we never replicate it on any other day. ANd yet with all due respects, I gorge on it with adoration and crazy love. I just cant stop eating it. It is soooo Good. Rare and once a while occurence, but when it does, It is worth every moment of the experience..The golden light of Joy in times of the Passover time :)

Corinne, you are my Angel.. I dont remember how and when we became friends.. But that was one of the best things that happened ever.. I know I was so socially awkward when I talked to you over the phone long time back..I am Shy..U are my Hero and I just didnt know what to say.. U motivate me, inspire me, Guide me and with this challenge taught me to be disciplined. U are sooo awefum as a Motivational Speaker and Writer than I am perennially in awe of you. If I become even 1/100th of a human being you are, then I would consider me as an improvement.. U are the magic restaurant C which serves Ambrosia..No Not the Mall.. U are Unique. U have every kind of dish  that appears magically depending on the mood state of the person..U know..U understand..Everyone..I respect and adore all of you, C is my Fairy GodMom. We havent met..But I feel blessed cuz it's her

Reminder to all who are yet to send me the address...
Don't make me nag you repeatedly .
Send your address,Children!!!..*dramatic sigh*
Loads of Love


kalpana solsi said…
Dear Me, I do not know to cook non-veg food but love chicken dishes. I either eat at resturants and if a friend is too generous , I get it eat at a friend's place but that is rare as most of my friends are veg. Thanks you so much for your analysis. loved the unique idea.
Apala Sengupta said…
woww! this is such a cute little idea! loved your comparisons :D
Shilpa Garg said…
1. I am craving for all these foods and this is when I just had a sumptuous meal, a few minutes ago!
2. Simply loved your foodie interpretation of all the blog buddies. Awesome. :)
Are you a personality reader??
3. As for writing about a person ahead of me, well, I guess, I wouldnt be able to do justice to that! You have done it so fabulously!

Loved this very innovative and creative post of yours Dee :)
wine and non veg platter :D :D .. loved your comparisons Dee .. for everyone.. you have done a good job ♥

Now on the person above me yesterday was Kajal .. yes your Cheese Fondue Platter :D...

Knowing Kajal just from her posts and comparing with a fruit I am praying she does not throw something at me :P :P

I think of Kajal as a box of assorted chocolates.. utterly surprising.. you have no idea what are the flavours inside unless you open it♥

So yours and my review now Kajal can be renamed as .. Cheesy chocolaty Kajal :D :D
Richa Singh said…
One of the most innovative blogposts I have read in my life! and I so mean it. I seriously loved it a lot. What you wrote for me and for others. You have shown how writing and blogging connects us at all levels. Woman you won my heart today <3 <3

Shiva said…
really a multi course culinary trip..and although I dont know the people but after this read ..can connect with their words and writing style more.. Good Work
Kajal Kapur said…
Cheese Fondue Platter...hey is that me...doesn't all that flavor of cheese make one sick....?

Yet I am so glad you took all that mind to think about all of us...You rock, girl!! Cheers!

Me said…
Kalpana, I will keep you posted on some of the best non veg places to eat. Now that Ramzaan is on, been restless to go to Mhmd Ali Road.. Thank you so much!!!:)

Apala, thank you so much Girlie :)

Shilpa, understanding consumer behavior has been my hobby even before it became a profession. Thank you for the compliment. I want to read your descriptor :D

Suni.. Assorted Chocolates.. U are sooo right..She is like that, is it..WOW I liked it :D

Richa, thank you so much!! Glad you liked it :D

Shiva, welcome to my blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me :)

Kajal, I will tell you a secret. I was told by my doctor some 10 yrs back that due to the intensity of my migraine episodes and depression that tagged along, I need to be on medicines for life and for them to work I need to give up on two of my 5 triggers.. Those two triggers were cheese and chocolate.. So mortified was I with the idea, that I trained my body to tame my episodes so that i wouldnt have to eat meds or ever ever give up on cheese and chocolate..for Migraine.. Thats how much I love Cheese..Check out the Chocolate Room in Mumbai and try the Cheese Fondue and temme:D
Bhavya N said…
Awww :) :)
Forst thing in the morning from the office I'm reading your post and I'm so much in love with you right now... you just made my day... no no... the whole week <3
You're one sweetheart :)
Smita said…
Did I tell you that this is what I call innovation??? How could you think of this?? And you have given so much thought to eachone's personality here? COmmendable!!!

As far as feedback is concerned I have already written that in last post :d I misunderstood u :D
Unknown said…
All those food is making me hungry.... know or read most of them in your list and the description surely fits. And should say, you have an exotic way in describing Food!
Pixie said…
Aww!! <3
you are such a cutie!! Muah!
And I have shoulder length hair and no tattoos!! ;)
yes, to being completely mad!! :D

I loved your descriptions about the others and it fits!! :D

And you have done a fab job - so, it would be hard coming up with something equally good!! ;)

And , thanks to you - I'm hungry now!! ;)
awwww girl u rock!! i loved every word of what u wrote for me! and for everyone else too...really speaks of all the effort u put in to bring this post together, thinking of each one, writing about them..hats off to you girl!! muaaaah!
Kalpana said…
Well glad I read this post finally. Better late than never :)
I love omelets so am glad to be compared with one. BTW have you ever thought about writing a cook book? YOur oh-so-creative descriptions would work very well dear.

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