Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 2

why do I blog,
because incessant talking is scorned upon.:-P

Why is it a challenge..
Cuz I realize that I have practically 5 minutes everyday to think of something(which trust me is a task to my brain with attention deficit disorder) and pen it down here.

I promise to write something better tomorrow..
But you know what makes my day?

When you my dear fellow bloggers, offer me a perspective and welcome me into your world..
Your Life..and I feeel Soooooooo special and blessed

Ever since C started her Write Prompt I have been having the time of my life reading so many beautiful insightful foray into minds put on paper..

Thank you for the experience and looking forward to many more in days to come


Apala Sengupta said…
short, crisp, sweet and simple! lovely! wish you read more of you here! :)
incessant talking? that's me! sometimes I wonder why I talk so much! and yea blogging gives me room too, to put those words in print!
kalpana solsi said…
I need more time to select a topic and it is difficult. your post is sweet and small.
Richa Singh said…
The incessant talking point is shared with me :) and well the post itself speaks about the time constraint element of all of us :)

Pixie said…
same here! Incessant talking!! :D
looking forward to your posts for this challenge! :)
Unknown said…
Hi.Though brief, your post conveys so much. Nice! wish you all the best!
After reading your post and all the comments below now I know I am not alone in this world suffering from 'incessant talking' - *wiping away tears of joy*
Smita said…
ha ha ha...I loved this post!!! In fact I love such posts where we don't write much but we say a lot :D

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