Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 19

The only reason I know what date it is everyday, is because of the Challenge and the Title ^ :D
Good Afternoon my dear dear ladies.
Titli and Kajal, I got your addresses. Thank you so much. Universe sized Hug
Kalpana Solsi, I checked Fb, didnt find anything. What did you mean?Have you sent me a msg?
Kalpana Misra, Bhavya,Shilpa, Suni, Kathy,Pixie, Richa, Smita, Reema, Cynthia,Shail, Apala,Gayu, Tarang,Sree,Sugandha, Swati, and Corinne do send me your postal addresses and Full names on it at the earliest to deesnitch@gmail.com.
 Dont wait or expect anything as of now.. Just forget about it.
 I believe in Surprises :D

As for today, I am doing a part I and Part II between today and tomorrow.

Part I
Today tell me, how would each one of you best describe yourself as a food item. So,
If I say I am like the Philadelphia Cheesecake,I should write what about it, is similar to my personality.

Part II
Before you go to sleep today, visit this post again and think of a description of a person above you as food and then post that on my blog tomorrow

It's a cool way of knowing what we think of ourselves and how people see us :D

Go crazy and Creative. Tomorrow, I will post as to how I see each one of you who has posted today as unique food items.

Tease your Brain, feed it and let's see what it dishes out
Loads of Love
Hugs :*


kalpana solsi said…
wow! unique idea, Me. loved it. have sent my address on yr fb page. since u hv not okayed my frnd req. it will go to others column. will sent it to yr email ac.
kalpana solsi said…
I would describe myself as say a gulab jamun.
Bhavya N said…
Me? I'd be a plum cake I think.. You don't know how I am unless you take a bite and see for yourself ;)
And sending you my address right after I post this comment :D <3
Shilpa Garg said…
Wow! Very creative!! You are making us work!!
I am like a Barfi... simple and straightforward, what you see outside is what is inside too...
Smita said…
Golgappa!!!! Not because of size but because of spice ;-)
Kajal Kapur said…
I consider myself to be cake...I dunno why...just do!
bbuuhahahahahaha.. love it.. :D :D ♥♥

I see myself as Jelly.. put it in any mould it will take that shape and still taste the same when you eat and moreover you can use it in any dessert or pudding :D :D

I say that because I am a very flexible person.. can survive in any situation.. very quick to adapt myself...frankly been there and seen it all..and I have never so far lost my basic nature... of laughing at myself :D :D
Unknown said…
First time here and 'm loving it!

Smita said…
Shilpa is like an ice cream!! Cool & Chilled. Once u know her she melts like a good friend!!!
slurrp...talk of sweets and im already drooling!!! ever heard of a sweet called kheer kadam? it has an outer layer of peda and an inner hidden rasgulla. both layers are sweet, the inner one sweeter than the outer one. that's what im like... im quite friendly when u just know me..but as time passes and we know each other,u bite into the next layer.... then im even better.... i don't remember a single person who became my friend and then chose to forget me...
Richa Singh said…
ho ho! I would say I am a lot like noodles. Damn tasty and very ticky to catch hold of, always slipping away.

And above me it Titli/little princess whose writing always reminds me of warm chocolate milk, very nice and cozy :)

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