Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 18

You know what I am going to do on 1st August?
Sleep.. Yup. Just Zzzzzzzzz..
Dismantle My laptop and phone.. Glue myself to the bed..seal the door pull the curtains and just sleep
I feel like a sleep deprived monster..
All said and Done
I love you all
Oh yeah one more thing:

I want each one of your full complete postal address with your full name sent to my gmail  id: deesnitch@gmail.com

I dont care if you live in Alaska.
No I am not a marketeer
Atleast not with you
and Don't expect anything :D :P
I just want it
Trust me and Send It
:* and Hugs


kalpana solsi said…
I expected a card from you .:)
Bhavya N said…
Tee hee :D I love love love the vibes you give out.. it comes through in every word, every letter you type :) :)
Hugs girlie...
Anonymous said…
I feel it dear, I feel it too. My whole life is on hold. All I can think about is blogging. And I wish I could read more of your posts and comment even more.
Me said…
Kalpana Solsi ask me no questions, and I will tell no lies ;)

Bhavya, Thankeees my Girlie, ab postal address send karo *toothy grin*

Kalpana, I love all your blogs and thank you for mailing, awaiting your postal address :D
Shilpa Garg said…
Aha!! I can feel the excitement in the air!! :D
kalpana solsi said…
check yr fb page, dear Me.
address on it's way mam :D :D
trust u lovely... and sent.
Kajal Kapur said…
Okay, now I do expect something nice sent... :P
Unknown said…
Sleep would be awesome!!! A lovely rest when I wasn't worrying about what to write next. LOL

Pixie said…
oh yes.. sleep without K asking me - did you post?!
Do you have tomorrow's post ready?! :P :P

Sending you my address right away!
Gifts and such including letters are always a joy! :)
Smita said…
Richa Singh said…
so cute! sweetie I guess all of us in UBC are going to do that. I would probably do it for a long time as compared to a single day. And my postal address coming your way :D :D

P.S I love gifts :P


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