Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 16

All I can think today is of food....
So here are few of my food photography pics..
Happy Munching

What do you think this is?

This is the best Chocolate Caramel Custard I have Had ever..
I have written down my food experience here : -Insatiable Ecstasy 
I love food and so it is a bit intense
I am not a Food Critic.. I am a food Experientialist :D
 Title should be a warning itself. 
and for those who fast on tuesdays..dont read it


Bhavya N said…
Experiantialist!! Really :) :)
I love the pics, my heart .. it burns though, that I cannot taste it right now, but thankfully my tummy doesn't complain as I just had lunch ;)
Shilpa Garg said…
Wow!! That looks so very yummy and tempting... I am drooling, can do with a piece right now!!
Smita said…
You have choosen a wrong day my dear girl!!! I have been craving for something sinful and been avoiding it!!

I won't comment here!! I am angry!!!
Tarang Sinha said…
I have a sweet tooth and it looks yum!!:)
kalpana solsi said…
So appetising. loved it. an experiantialist . wow,
u wicked wicked girl....I'm on a diet now, and u show us all this ummm...lovely..aww.... gooey...stuff...!!
Me said…
Bhavya, Shilpa, Smita :P :P *Giggles*
Tarang, Thank you :D
Kalpana, Thank you :D
Princess.. kikikikiki ..:D
ohhhhh food *drooling* :D :D
Pixie said…
omg!! Food!! :P
such delicious pics!!
and what a brilliant coincidence since I wrote abt food too! ;)
Apala Sengupta said…
yummm yumm yum!!! Why Dee why?! why tempt others in this cruel way? :P
Richa Singh said…
Woman you are making me fat just by writing :D and yeah thank god I dont fast on tuesdays... actually I dont fast on any day :P :P


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