Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 15

Good morning Monday..
I'm on my way to office and I am thinking yet again how things would've been different IF God had a consultant..I could volunteer :P
My Gran usually says..but honestly sometimes I wonder why don't we have God v 1.0, 2.02.2 et al..
Maybe he does but I am too preoccupied with my suggestion list to notice *sheepish grin*

That got me thinking.. What if your life was written by one of your favorite authors, which one would you choose?What would your character be and how different would it have been for the original character in the book..?
The catch being the same..U would never know how your story is turning out..
Again what if we all are characters of different novels read by some other superior life forms..right now..
 Like the movie NeverEnding Story
What if..
Tell me..

JK Rowlings would've been my author, and I would've been Sirius Black, the only book character I've ever loved.. except my Animagus would've been a cat :D

Tickle your imagination and tell me who would you choose as yours.. 
loads of Love


Shilpa Garg said…
I like Sirius Black too! I would like my story to be written by Sidney Sheldon where I am some super rich business tycoon... LOL :D And someone's trying to kill me and with all the twists and turns, my life's a roller coaster ride and all's well in the end... :D
Bhavya N said…
I wanna be Sirius Black tooooo :(
When he died, I remember crying sooo much that the pages were all soggy soggy... :(
Smita said…
Would Surely be one of the characters from a Ruskin Bond novel. Enjoying life in Mussorie!!! Sigh!! The thought itself is so captivating!!!
kalpana solsi said…
I would like to be one of the characters in the novel 'Little Women' - louisa alcott. But do not ask me which of the characters, meg, jo.......
Anonymous said…
Interesting idea.
I'd like to the the woman in "Women who run with wolves." Although that isn't a novel... but a book I love dearly
Unknown said…
How cool. I would have to be Hermione Granger!! Loved the Harry Potter books.

Shail said…
I will be Anne,from Piccadilly Jim by Wodehouse :D
Oh I would love Lauren Weisberger to write my story exactly like The Devil Wears Prada.. and I want to be Miranda Priestly :D :D ... powerful, ambitious, charming, influential, having twins :D :D but the twist would be that my family life would also be lovely ♥
Apala Sengupta said…
wowie!! cute concept!
I would love Enid blyton to be my author and I would like to have a gang of my own like the secret seven or the famous five :)
Pixie said…
So many characters!!
but yes, would love to be Sirius Black or Hermione!!
Another one - Sean Dillon of Jack Higgins books
It's been a lifelong love affair between me and Gone With the Wind's Rhett Butler. He seems to encapsulate every desirable male quality - sophistication, wit, courage and tenderness, too...
Richa Singh said…
firstly the concept of v2.2 and etc of gods in already present in the movie matrix! whether i believe it highly doubtful.

Moving on what character would I be. I would say of course JK Rowling and I would like to be ginny. :P :P marry the guy yaar! who takes pains and all :P

Anonymous said…
What a fun theme!

I'd like my story to be written by Isaac Asimov. I could be a rugged space miner, excavating asteroids for rare minerals or a robopsychologist at USR or maybe even a robot with a positronic brain :)

Or or I could be a work of Alexandre Dumas'! I could be one of the King's dashing musketeers!

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