Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 12

Wooohoooo..si friday..
I will be able to catch up on all blogs and comment back by sunday :D :D.. 
Meeting all of you via blogs is my form of Patronus.. (That’s a Harry Potter reference for a spell. When you say expecto patronum and think of something happy all the darkness and feeling of despair  gets dispelled out of you)
You all are my personal life superheroes. .
Talking of superheroes.. have U ever had a dream superhero who U wish was real?
I Did and still do..
Ironman Superman He man are fine..but my dream super guy has always been..ta raa ta raaa...*drum rolls*..
Garbage man..
Yup..heard it right.
.I always wanted a GarbageMan who would have superpowers to gather all the garbage of the world segregate it,treat and dispose it as per the type of waste..His enemies would be people with no civic sense.. He would help all kinds of people..to set up garbage and liquid waste disposal systems.. and those who would default and still show no civic sense will have them dunked in their crap till he could sense remorse and change of attitude in them.
Not to forget the defaulting Auntijis who think it is their right to fling their rotten sabzis down their kitchen windows on unsuspecting passerbys.
GarbageMan would catapult all that crap zaaap back on her till she learns that World outside her walls is not a Garbage bin!!!
To all the Litteratis ..ye be forewarned.. Heed my voice.. For soon my dream might come true and ye shall be regurgitated by Earth if ye shant mend thy deeds
With love 


May I adopt Garbage Man as my superhero? He is just what the world needs.
Unknown said…
The Garbage man!! Wish he comes alive and clears all the filth and dust from the world!
Kajal Kapur said…
Hope your dream comes true...soon...

I tell ya there are a bunch of idiots who stay on the upper floor and they send down all trash on the tin roof right outside my balcony..EVERYDAY!! Can your GarbageMan help me sort that?? Pretty please :)
Unknown said…
Sounds like a man who could change the world!!

Vow... now I love Garbage Man too ♥ .. I really wish he comes soon :D
Bhavya N said…
And that is exactly the kind of SuperHero the world needs today.
PS: Can you please ask him to do away with people who are garbage too or at least recycle them so that they are humans again?
Smita said…
lol!!! I wish that your wish come true ASAP and once he lands up at ur place please direct him to my place!!! There is is this corner on the main road near my house which just stinks!!!! It needs te Ctrl+Alt+Deleted from the face of the earth alongwith the people who make that place a mess!
hahahha...rightly said...will this guy also deal with people who are hell bent upon throwing their garbage as and where they wish?
Richa Singh said…
firstly you and your love for harry potter makes you some sort of my soulmate. I love you for always mentioning the super wizard :)

and garbage man idea is game on!

Me said…
I am so Glad to see that we all share a common dream :D
Shilpa Garg said…
I want to be a GarbageMan too! I share the same thoughts you have shared in this post! The other day, I was at Bhopal Railway Station, had to wait for an hour and I was so pissed... Not because I had to wait for so long, pissed because wherever I looked, I found somebody or the other adding to the garbage around. The platforms and the tracks were so dirty. And people are so casual and least bothered about the mess they are creating! I support you and your dream and I guess, you'd need more Garbage Men to help clean our planet! :)

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