Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 10

I need Help
My google account is synced with my phone ..but I can neither comment on anyone's blog nor post my blog..how do I solve this?
To and fro travel time is the only viable freetime  for me..please suggest what do I do..or I may have to withdraw from challenge for the paucity of time post work..
P.s: If I am unable to revert back on each of your blogs, be rest assured I will before sunday ends..
I always have so much to say after I read your posts that it kills me not able to comment unless I reach back home :(
Harried Me


Ohhhh :(...I have never used it on my mobile so really don't what to do

But regarding the challenge please don't withdraw from the challenge ok...I love to read your posts...see you have done day 10..it is just 2 more days to the weekend...write something during your travel time on your email and save it in draft then come home and just copy paste it...

you can even do photo prompts ... that won't take much time typing rite? major part is coming up with an inspiration...

but don't stop alright ♥♥
Bhavya N said…
Oh I know exactly what you talking about Dee, I mean my phone eats up my comments when I try to say something. :(
Bad idea to access blogs from the phone I guess. But whatever the reason, don't stop writing. You can visit us all during the weekends or sometime and make up. Just keep writing :) :)
Smita said…
I don't even try commenting from phone! Too much of a trouble! hope ur prob gets resolved!
Shilpa Garg said…
I am using phone for blogging and commenting since the last 3 days. It is very tedious believe me... I mean I could have read and commented on 3 blogs on a laptop and with mobile even one may or may not happen. But I am now getting the hang of it, so I am doing a bit better than before.

Even my Google account is synched. How are u accessing blogs? I use the bloglovin for android as my reader and WordPress for android for my blog. So depending upon WordPress or blogger blogs I am able to comment easily ie without signing in again and again. Is this making sense to u?
Me said…
Suni.. U are a darling..thank you so much for keeping my spiurits up..thats what i do..COpy paste from gmail to the blog and then linky during the half n hr lunch break and try to catch up on few blogs I can ..lunching and blogging on my desk..though that made me a social outcast at lunch..got to work things out..
THanks Bhavya, I am trying to work things out.. I like the journey I am with my new blogger Angels and wouldnt want to miss that out :D
Smita.. It is such a pain I tell you
Shilpa, .. I am going to try bloglovin and See what results it yields..Thank U sooo much for the solution :D

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