It was one of those Steaming piping Hot days after a heavy downpour..
I felt I was the sizzler, Earth was preparing for Brunch
I was crossing the road, in a rush to reach the Morning Mass well within time..
As a firm believer in procrastination, I always start prancing around at 10.25 for a 10.30 am mass..

 ..Out of the blue, like a lightening bolt, Migraine hit me..
I couldn't breathe..was blinded with pain,  I tried to shield myself from the rays of the sun,
 the screeching horns right into my ears..
It was so intense that I was paranoid and wanted to be run over at the same time..

Those are times, when pain overpowers the desire to fight back the pain..
I cried..I shrieked..I think it was in my own head..cuz no sound escaped me..Confused and way out of balance I stumbled and crouched on the corner of the road..
I don't even remember if I was in a safe place or not..

and there it was..
a gentle invisible hands, caressing my hair..I felt as if it was holding me up, in an embrace...A hug enveloping me from the blinding sun and muffling the noise I thought was trying to kill me..
There was a rustle and all the trees on my path swayed.. for that moment I wasn't on the crowded streets..
There were no hurting voices...just the wind and a bird chirping away as its song soothed me..It flew in front of me..till I reached the church..

That day the mics in the church stopped functioning and couldn't be repaired throughout the duration of the mass..I found a seat with plenty of breeze and I heard the lady next to me..gushing about the sudden cascade of breeze..
The entire time I felt a comforting hug holding on to me..

The pain with lesser intensity restored after I reached home..Safely.
Some might call it.. a flurry of delusion,shot by my brain as a defense response to migraine..but this has never happened before..others call it miracle or personification of Ma Nature..

All I know, that it was something that triggered..when for a brief minuscule moment..
I wished to live..
Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. ^~^
C, Thank you for this . . .


Mukul Parab said…
It's reminiscent of the experience you told me you had at Symbiosis . . .

And you really need to be careful about your health!!!
Me said…
No re.. At Symbi met two strangers as Saviors aka Angels wrt some other situation..
Come to think of it..Either I am powerfully delusional or Universe keeps looking out for me ^~^
I love you crazy brain/Nature Universe God..Life!!!
I will take care..don't worry..On second thoughts.. Nature hai na..(sheepish grin)..ok ok..Kidding..Proomish I will take care ..(Halo Grin)
Aparna said…
Oh wow! I know the ferocity of migraine attacks and thankful that the wind took you to safety :) Take care and may Nature / crazy brain be at your side all the time!
Unknown said…
Very soulful post..Fresh air fas the quality to drive away migraine. Hope you are fine now.
Bhavya said…
I hope you are doing better now. Kindness, care n love were given to you when you needed it the most. That's all that matters. TC :)
Me said…
Aparna, thank you so much :)
Usha, Glad you connected with the post:)
Bhavya, I am good now. Thank you.. U identified it right.. that's exactly what kept me together :')
What a fascinating experience. I do believe in an Unseen presence seeing us through - call it what you may!
kalpana solsi said…
It was the hand of God that guided you to safety. I know about the intensity and ferocity of the migraine attacks. Take care.
Unknown said…
I hate migraines. They come on so fast and totally level a person. I hope you are doing much better now!! It seems like everything is intensified 100 times during one of those migraines.

sulekkha said…
What an experience! Glad that you were okay, thanks to the magic breeze.

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