What if nothing held you back?

I see so many of us, shying away from doing something new, which we really desire & hold ourselves back by reigns of excuses?

  1. Too afraid to try, thinking what if I fail at this?..I anyway dont have the resources to set out new..I can't manage.
  2. You think Your life stage and responsibilities tie you down
  3. Everyone depends on me, If I leave it will all collapse..

Relax.. breathe in..Breathe out..Nothing earth shattering that will destabilize the foundations of your organization, personal life or humanity as we imagine, will happen if we quit.

If U have an idea,..an insatiable keeda that doesnt let you sleep and bubbles your blood with adrenaline,.
.U go get it!!!No one said it is gonna be a cakewalk,though on second thoughts we should ask Lilliputians if placed on a cake and made to walk..if that is their version of easy life...anyway..we are digressing..

The point is past wasn’t made by people with martyr mentality. Few people didn’t decide that "O let's just sacrifice our lives for greater good otherwise who will write history". 
It wasn’t a cross to bear, or a predestined job assigned..
It was awefumness that happened when people were themselves,
looked forward to each day and definitely did not hate Mondays..
they came up with  possibilities unimagined 
and challenged the limits of achievement earmarked by the society

Just take the first step..
Free your mind...
...and make new histories


Sufi said…
Who said sky is th elimit... our MIND is the limit.
:) It could have been a private conversation.
Thanks for writing this.
Nandini said…
Our limitations are mostly created more by our minds than by anything external. If nothing held me back, I don't know what I would be doing with my life, but certainly travelling and living on my own would be one of them.
My excuses? Too difficult and no money.
But certainly, it is a part of my larger plan, which some day would definitely materialise.

Deepti, I must say, I love your writing style and your topics. It gets me thinking about my own situations. It simply just touches the heart. :) Keep posting!
Mukul Parab said…
Sometimes, you just have to trust your gut instinct, and take the leap of faith. You either learn to fly, or you die trying.
Maddy said…
People really need to understand that..TUM AANE SE PEHLE BHI DUNIYA THI AUR TUM JAANE KE BAAD BHI DUNIYA RAHEGI.. Most of the people believe they have chance at mortality..so People keep postponing their decision to innovate.
Blog will surely help people mentioned earlier to improve their current outlook toward journey from being alive till u rest in graveyard
There is no cure for either birth or death save to enjoy the interval. Some say now that we are born let's try to make life worth living and they strive for standards which they believe when achieved will make life worth living and more often than not when it is all done; when 'live becomes worth living', it is time to go. It is the direction only that is skewed which thus never allows the bird to fly.
Me said…
@Sufi, U are someone who is good at following her heart..this was just a peek a boo reminder..big Hug to you ^~^

@Nandini, I realized that what we think are our obstacles, really arent..it is tough..par..take the first step..roads start opening up. Thank U for your feedback Nano.It means a lot to me

@Mukul..aptly put :)

@Maulik..Just because you are a bird, doesnt meant all U can do, is Fly.. :)
Life is worth living, if we let go of the "ifs"

Thank you Maulik, for sharing this link :http://worldobserveronline.com/2012/04/25/15-things-you-should-give-up-to-be-happy/
Dolly said…
I am going to share this with a friend of mine who certainly needs to 'live for himself'. I read an article today and am pasting a part of it below:

"Have you heard of the rather unique funeral held in an office in New York some years ago? As employees of the firm came in to work one Monday morning, they were greeted by a solemn notice at the entrance: "The person responsible for inhibiting your growth died yesterday. The body has been placed in the cafeteria, till 2 pm today."

Sad to think a colleague had passed away, and curious who the person might be, the employees trooped into the cafeteria to pay their last respects. A crowd of company staff had gathered inside. 'Who is this chap who has been hindering our growth?' each wondered, as they walked up to the coffin to take a dekko. One by one, as each person took a look inside the coffin, there was shocked silence - and a look of disbelief.

Inside the coffin was a mirror. And below it was a placard on which was written: "There's only one person who can set limits to your growth. And that's YOU."

This is so true! It's all up to us!It is entirely on us to take on the sky and fly as high as we want or to blame the wind, wings, weather, etc.

This reminds me that though ships start from the same dock, battling the same water and wind, most of them reach their destined destinations while some get lost... you know how? The ones that reach their destinations do so by their sails. If you know what I mean...?

Just as the ships, we must imagine, believe and attract... the core of Law of attraction.

I may have written a mini blog in this comment, Deepti :P Nevertheless, this flow of thought is because of you. Your articles/blogs have the power to stir me up, analyze my own life and certainly act! And I love reading them

Keep writing!! :)
Me said…
@Dolly..thank you soooo much for sharing this story...it is soooo powerful and beautiful :)
Aapko pata hai hai I just realized ki that we are powerful people..We never realize how us or our actions deeply touch the lives of others..
Umeed ki roshni hai hum sab..so never ever underestimate ourselves or keep bullying our spirit. Infact at this point I would want to share a co blogger's beautiful post :
This post just reaffirms the situation I am in and would definitely help me take the plunge that I have been wanting to take for long! Thank you Deepti Moule. As always, a brilliant post =)
Me said…
Swathi ..we all get these lil signs in life..that affirm and encourage the choices we make..The times when I need it, is when I without being aware of it,talk it out loud too :D
Thank you for this article too http://thegoodreads.quora.com/Top-five-regrets-of-the-dying?srid=hNFI&share=1

I realize the more I set foot on my path, I get more reasons to walk and fly the path too :D
Shwetu said…

First thing - the subject you have chosen , if we go deep inside our brain/mind we come to that this question is the root of our life, our daily activities and determines the outline of our life.

The topic or chasing our own dreams requires tremendous self-awareness and soul search. Our actions and reactions and way of doing the things, faith and self confidence,confession to self helps a lot to minimize the clutter around us.What I am trying to say is being the observer of our mind helps a lot to filter out thoughts, If we work on out thoughts and direct them in a useful direction then we can control our emotion even anger and fears.

As you have rightly said come up with possibilities unimagined and challenge the limits..it is our primary goal to find what is holding ourselves back.

Thanks for the questions .. without questions it is impossible to find direction
Me said…
@Maddy.. Gospel truth buddy..People just think that we are immortals and live like nothing will affect us. Life Steve Jobs Says, being aware of death, makes you more alive each day...THank U sooo much for that insight :D

@Shwetu: U are so right..Both U and and Christina were saying the same thing..the journey starts with clutter..but we shouldnt give up and go further till we have clarity..what do we really want and then go get it :)..CLarity ,one of the most evasive qualities to achieve..and yet worth pursuing and not settling with what we have got ..
Thank U all of you for your point of views..They are like chisels that shape the sculpture. Keep sharing your views .. :D
Skyn3t said…
We think a lot and do almost nothing, i think people should think less and get more into implementing things rather than making plans and policies all time.

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