Insatiable Ecstasy

Few days back I had the opportunity to see Chef Vincenzo Zizza a.k.a. Chef Tony of  Fratelli Fresh, Renaissance, Powai at work, while he sculpted this mouth watering liqueur based caramelized chocolate pudding..

 It was an insatiable experience crafted for Gods.

From the minute he served it on the table, I was ogling at it for a good 15 minutes before I devoured it down.  

It was uniformly consistent and I could feel the smooth texture as my spoon slid effortlessly into it.

 It had a naughty glisten as I edged closer to eat ..

The intoxicating aroma of the liqueur filled my senses and lingered as a playful smile as I awaited the experience to come..
It was the creamiest chocolate pudding I have ever had in my life.
The bitter cocoa and the caramel flavor alternately burst on my taste buds as the liqueur gushed out of it.. 
It sent tingles down my spine and made me shiver as I ate it, one bite at a time..
There was a point where it felt like I had paused in real time and had forgotten to breathe.
and I couldn't resist from giving it a peck as it wobbled on my spoon in response :P

Have you ever felt like you could keep free falling into a bed made of softest feather as it enveloped you in a hug?
It was exactly like that..

In fact I had my gooey eyed goofy grin on even as I walked out of the restaurant and for a good measure of the day I keep seeing this wonderful creation everywhere . . .
Drool worthy...and a must have if you visit Fratelli Fresh, Renaissance Powai.
Also, do meet Chef Tony.
He is a fun loving Italian God who is always enthusiastic about meeting people and have an animated chat with them..

And then you will realize as to why your pudding made by him comes alive as you experience it. :D
P.S.: I am not a food critic. I jam a food Experientialist :D


Oh Yes Abhi I can understand why I see all those love handles. One pin prick and I am sure we will see the gooey chocalatey juices oozing out. But then I can't blame you entirely. Jab evil itna tempting hota hain toh bhala koi apne aap ko kaise roke. 'Just dig in Oh Yes Abhi'keep that motto alive and keep eating such heavenly delights and make us all jealous....And yes, I await when you make such a treat too. I am sure it will be better than what you had by the chef in Powai. So lag jaa to plan you next big dish - Oh Yes Abhi.... :P :)
Nandini said…
I remember my first 'insatiable ecstasy' as you put it, when I had what is called OTTAWA CHEESECAKE in a food court in Bangkok.
Since my parents were shopping in the mall and I was getting bored, I asked them to let me slip out.
I stepped into a food court, looked at all the wonderful items there and wanted to eat them all. But I had only 20 Bahts with me, and hence, I started narrowing my options. I immediately went to the Desserts section and looked for something appealing. Ottawa Cheesecake caught my eye and I wondered whether it would be worth it. I had never tried that kind. Nevertheless, I ordered it, took it to a table and sat down. I put my fork into the cheesecake and dripped some sauce that they gave with it. Silky smooth texture it had. First bite. Orgasm. Second Bite. Double Orgasm. No matter how many bites I had, it just got better. I did not want this cheesecake to ever end. It was so creamy, yet so light that it melted in my mouth almost immediately.
How was it made, was not important to me anymore. 'Where can I get this in India' surrounded my mind. Sadly, I haven't yet even found a recipe to this kind of cheesecake in the whole of the internet, let alone a restaurant which can serve me this. Sigh!
Sugandha said…
I need not step into this place but sitting on my seat, am relishing it through such stupendous description! Indeed superb!
Unknown said…
Super Like !!!!
Anonymous said…
The post is like porn, enjoyed reading it but wished it was me :)
Maddy said…
honestly< i am not a big fan of eating pudding with alcohol. In fact I have innovative combination of food which crossed my mind while eating Maggie... Can Chef Tony of Fratelli Fresh, Renaissance, Powai combined Maggie with alcohol?
If it does happen by the grace of chef tony from Fratelli fresh, Renaissaance, then I would want writer of this blog to describe it the same way as she did for pudding..
Raj K said…
Oh man. That was an experience I did not expect. Visually appealing it definitely was, but not just with the pictures and the description, but with the poetry laced words too. The ensemble formed is an absolute delight. One can savour the dishes sampled through this piece. Applause galore, to the Culinary Chef, and a bit more to the Literary one for channeling the experience to us. :)
Mukul Parab said…
Food Porn . . . I could visualize the sequence of actions and the accompanying emotions and expressions as you described them.
It reminds me of my first time at Baghdadi with their caramel custard. The way it wobbled on the spoon, the ecstatic look on my face as the custard slowly melted in my mouth . . .
I wonder if we could take Chef Tony to Baghdadi one day . . . ?
Dolly said…
Posts like these, take my unconditional love for food to a totally different level, compelling me to take up food professionally! ;) I love your description of the pudding and could relate to your state of mind then, I'm craving for some dark chocolate goodies myself :P
Deepti, jitni shiddhat se Chef Tony ne is pudding ko sculpt kiya, lets sculpt ourselves (you know what I'm talking about... wink)I bet the result would be... Insatiably Ecstatic! ;)
Deepti.. said…
50 shades of Grey - Christian is about to give Ana the most ecstatic experience of her life, needless to say insatiable. Every word written in there describes what you have never seen, heard... ahem experienced leaving you wanting to 'know' more. This magical description left me drooling over the thought of what this delicacy is going to do to me. Can't wait to taste..
This is one hell of a post. You have described every single emotion you were going through in this. The pictures sure made my mouth water and the description takes the cake (here...its more ‘pudding’). You have definitely got my temptation level soaring to go to Fratelli Fresh to try out Chef Tony’s the very same ‘mouth watering liqueur based caramelized chocolate pudding’ and experience the feeling you had while relishing every bit of the dessert.
Mansi said…
Amazing Deepti! Just loved the way how your words poured out in this blog. Im so glad to see you come all the way....happy to see you starting your new journey. Just loved ur foreplay with the words ;)I couldn't agree more with Mukul!! Its indeed Food Porn!! :D

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