Diamond I was..

The Dream like a diamond
has shattered to million pieces,

each one reflecting a different world..
a contorted version
of its own reality..
what then remains..

one piece on the left corner reflects a fallen leaf..
yellow and orange, colors of its lifetime, seen

another just spotted a sparrow
pecking at the glass,
to break his competition,

A beautiful lady just caught the eye and
millions of them gasped a deep sigh..

there is a kid, scruffy lil street ruffian,
with sparklin glint, set for his next prank,

A photographer goes clickty click click
flashin me, in a new purview
plop splashed the hot poopy shower
that barely missed my right corner by the eye..

From dawn to dusk
I see the see change its color..
its myriad shades,reflected my many me..

A young girl took a tiny piece..
decorated n cleaned,
I reflected what she saw in me..

Everyday Something new happens
as my many parts get scattered by..
what then should I say was me..

the one that was taken away, the one that got caught in a tyre..
some swept away by the sweeper and some huddled and still
picturing the world in front of me..

What is my identity..
for I was a diamond..
once shattered it isn't known..

I may be adorned,
or brushed aside..
some realize
what I was and I still am..
end up seeing their reflections in me

I take the shape that contains me.
It aint abt what U are made to be..
it's with what U do, with what U decide to be


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