Angels exist, ..'s U!
This page on Facebook was created on the day I thought it was all over.but it never is, the journey never ends... and so the inception of the abovelinked note :)
I feel blessed to have my Angels around me. I know in my Life, I always get things the hardway, once that I prove it, that I'm totally worthy of the goal I seek, do I get the pleasure of journeying and fulfilling it.

But then, when I sit down to count the blessings in the form of angels around me, my toughtest of setback seem like a fresh new start, My resilience to survive, to realign that I'm Alive.

If GOd and Murphy have gifted me one armour, one weapon against all odds, it's the gift of love and family, who surround me.
For once..expressions fail me, my words stand still, I really don't know what to say, than give you a warm embrace and say, I love you ^~^


Neeraj said…
Nice hopeful piece...
Pandora`s Box said…
That's a beautiful piece of writing.

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