My Inception cuz I Loved You..

I always did.
I never knew for sure what you felt
What it meant for you

I wished the best for you
I wanted to wait
till I knew..
I loved you too much to decide
Too fast I let go
and the pain was real

It ached like no morrow'

As if my existence
met a fate unreal..

I lost you
wonder if I'll find us again

On the roads, we traveled 
the footprints that bore
the tales of yore

memories of times
felt like never before

I walk the path
& live the days

Not sure what our prospects be
If our paths would meet
like our eyes did

Wonder if I'd ever be the same
If ever..
If ever I'd live my life again

Cuz I still live you
and shall always will . . 

This poem & Totem reflects what Dom felt about Mal in the movie ^~^


Grish said…
Nice! I like the way you have related this poem to the characters in the movie!! :)

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