Sleepy ramblings during Culture Studies Lecture

Perception of life
In living Beyond
Is what I perceived
To be the quest of life

But then it stopped
Like it never started

You seem to know
Understand what I never say

I relay things
you relate tomorrow

The way I sleep in the class
And you dream @ night..

Culture studies and my mind’s @ play
What seem so moldable is harder than clay

When a message becomes a noise
& You Zone out, out of choice

The way I drive &
lectures I survive

Women nurse the babies better
Then y do men so fetter

Expanse of my mind
Prisoner of my heart

Revolutions of Russia
Ab bahut pakaya,bus kya !!

Culture Culture everywhere
Not a thought to think
Hegemony’s talk of the day
With revolutionaries it now brink..

U know I love me
Me knows I love :D

We are like that only
So take it and Go ...just..Go ;)


:) It's getting to you, huh?
Me said…
Sometimes I dunno what is getting on me..the constant bomBARding by people or my own self :)
Nike_007 said…
Er...gone cuckoo.
Me said…
Completely Alex..the culture studies prof..dronned on and on and on..what do ya expect then :P

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