clicked at Sanjay Gandhi National Park 10 am on an adventurous morning
Thanks C for giving me the chance to express my self..

I love it when I see a smile on loved ones faces..
When I prepare another of my experiments and all cherishingly eat it :P
When Friends and I are there for each other through shared laughter and pains
When GranMa hugs me to sleep
When AIshu calls me DEEEEEEEEEEEE
WHen I get to click pictures and travel wherever I want to, endlessly..
When I get to spend time with Ma, chatting endlessly nothing at all..
When Pa takes care of me like a delicate Princess when I plop down after a hard day's work
When I see a random act of kindness..
WHen the first rains fall and soothen the parched dry land
when the birds chirp and drive away the blues
When I find tiny lil opportunities where there lied none, sprouting and making every moment worth it..
When M in college, doing crazy thingswith my one big family...bus ek saal..wish to live my lifetime in it :D
When I find M in Me :)
When C posts a blog and I feel hope,love,joy,care,understanding, goodness, serenity, all together, putting life in life back again
When hardships come by and the strife almost gets the better of me and I
realize that a light emnates from within, energizing me,with love, faith, confidence and trust and I know that God is always there with me now and forever


Haddock said…
The best ......when the birds chirp and drive away the blues
Tangerine said…
beautiful... i can feel the happiness smiling thru ur words.
Me said…
Thanks Haddock
Tangy..miss U a lot :)
Abi M.Pulikeezh said…
Nice one...


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