What about your Smile :)

Inspired first by a blog and then a FB status update done by two of my dearest friends

Levels of smiles..
Pirates wala smile. .)
The toothy grin smile.) the min u see it, flee!!! u r in trouble son!

Smirk/Smug : (I love this one:D)
1) 'The know-it-alls' have it on durin a lecture ;P
2) Also jab koi badi badi fekta hai and u think, "aaja saale maidaan pe,tujhe abhi dekhaata hoon"
3) "U FOOL, Don't u know I'm toleratin thee"

Plastic smile
the one that threatens to giveaway your actual emotion that u cant possibly portray

Ranjan Smile:
The one Ranjan Had before his "eligible bachelor profile" was floated around in College ka chain mail

Puss in the boot smile:
Innocence se tapkta hua..Be wary of this one.U think you are helpin a poor fool and end up realizin you are the one who is fooled :P

Sweet sad smile:
Caught between two things. U wanna do one thing,but u end up doin the other..

Nirvana Smile:
the one u have on ur face after u finally get to pee after 4hrs of a hold up ..Beats everything.
the problem is, that the goofy grin tends to be there on ur face for sooo long, that ppl on the streets wonder if u have been hit on the head

Mischievous smile:
the one u have after u have committed ur greatest deed of joy and then smile n challenge the person to find out abt it.

Aishwariya Rai Smile:
Its the fake smile,threatening to be a thunderous roaring laughter where the fakeness overflows so much so that u feel like flinging her own hand bag at her..its a higher degree of plastic smile..

I wish I had enough smileys to depict all :)


Fun post...I loved the Nirvana one...of course with me it also involves hopping about ;)
Nike_007 said…
LMAO at the Nirvana smile.
The best scenario would be combining Nirvana smile & mischievous smile.

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