I clicked this pic at 5.30am
U seem like a drug..
Stronger than a magnet
an encaptivating reality...

U r a mystery
A battle within..
an expression of me..

D60's fire
that you set higher

If life was an end
to a dream that begun..

Then you are the answer,
to the question my friend :)


Love this, the picture and the fact that you're are back! Stay, please.... A crick in the neck from time to time happens...but if you don't stick it out, would you be able to live with you?
Love ya
Me said…
Thank you so much C!!

Missed you a lot :)
I had lost my touch with my self.
Ur blogs help me find myself again.
Love you :)
I will be starting with my photoblogs soon :)
Cool Me...looking forward to that and soon!

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