Nobel Obama Noble, Huh?.

Mr Obama Creates a Buzz
He stands for elections..
He campaigns in a way that even the 4 year old kid of Somalia knows Him..
He Becomes the President of USA
his books get published just at the right time..
His stand on everyday causes becomes the Talk of the Galaxy
9 months down the lane..
He wins the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE, nominated even before he settled in his Chair

What an Super effective PR team...Commendable Feat!!!
and Yeah..
Indeed NOBLE ;)


Shanu said…
Yeah I agree...wat a mockery of the Nobel Prize!
Unknown said…
My first reaction to this news, more like thinking and blurting out at the same time was something like, it's like the world community seems to say 'Here dude, take the Nobel Peace Prize and now, no war'. I was like oops! but then my friends (2 Americans and a Canadian)laughed out loud in agreement.That was a fun conversation. And then we talked about what the Republicans would say for this, well, they have to say something... Overall I'd say, Obama is has a hero like status here.
Twism said…
What next? Will Mr O, take away my best-est blogger award?
What were they thinking I wonder......!

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