Love ^~^

Love is always patient and kind

It is never jealous

It is never boastful or conceited

It is never rude or selfish

It does not take offense..

It is not resentful,

Love takes no pleasure in other people's mistakes,

but delights in the truth

It is always ready to excuse ,

trust , hope and endure

Whatever it comes..

These verses were adapted(in the movie, A walk to Remember) from Corinthians chapter 1,1:13

I recalled them after reading my two fav blogger's blogposts: Epiphany and When Love Comes

Sometimes you don’t even need the person to be there,with you, just the mere knowledge that someone’s always with you can make u live a lifetime of joy..

Cuz,what you often fall in Love with, is not someone different, but a mere reflection of your own self..

When u stop seeing the reflection in the water, you think the ripples are distorting never does..

Let the waters calm and you’ll soon realize.. It’s all within you..

When you are completely in sync with yourself, the exact manifestation of your internalities will take a form,just the way you always knew it to be

That’s the power of Love..


Wow, M! It left me write so well and yes, from the heart. My favorite scripture on Love too :)

Thank you for all your messages to me - I am overwhelmed.
Love and a big hug
Unknown said…
I liked it becuase it so simple yet very difficult to understand.
Me said…
Thanks Corinne..
You Inspire Me to write and express..
I thank you and Sumi for the post :)
You are one of the best serendipitous gifts I got in Life ..Merci :)

Thanks Shweta,it just sounds difficult, but if we all could manage to live life that way..
Life would be so much simpler and easier to live..Keep visiting :)
BrownPhantom said…
This was one of the simplest of your posts in terms of word play and yet one of the deepest too. Nice writing again :).
I never come across with a writing which had life in its own. U hav a very gud future as a writer... excellent writing. marvelous....u hav to write more. Not only in the blogs, but a buk itself...
Y cant u write a small fiction? with images from the life stories u gained... Everyday u write one page each... Can u try, plz? U hav the ability to write. U hav to understand it. Its very very gud quality writing. Thats y im suggesting. It will be a treasure to the world of English literature.
Congrats...Keep it up....
Me said…
Thanks Phantom, trying to keep it simple from nw on..
Glad you liked it.

Thanks George,that's quite a compliment!
I shall try to work that out!

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