WhaT are You..?


I would want to know..

An expression’s soul..

A vivid sketch

An answer unasked

Or a play of words..

Rhythm’s melody,

An uncomposed symphony

A pulsating beat..

or radiating heat

A game of thoughts..

Well garnished retorts

A jogger’s flight..

A singer’s delight..

A painter’s vision..

Nuclei’s fission

Depth of field, @

Slow shutter speed

D60’s desire,

A notch set higher..

An Unsolved mystery

An uninitiated history

An archaeologist’s search

A Laughter’s mirth

a grip of trust,

a cheese filled crust.

A creative insight

On a starless night

A nick in time

Freezing.. sublime..

Disclaimer: all the pics displayed here are taken from google images.


Illusionist said…
Trying to break free dee....
But, the question is.. from what? whom?
Hues of humanity, desire to be one with something? somebody?
Whats driving these thoughts dee?
Whats the fuel?
Imagination gone sober or your soberness gone imaginative?
Depressive or elation from sadness?
I dunno why... this post does not sound cheerful to me.. lotta depth.. lotta meaning... but, dont see the silver lining of happiness... Whats the matter dee?
Awesome post.. IF you are trying to break free...
Nice to see you back..I love your searches....you are YOU above all.
Me said…
Now that's an interesting line of thought..
what drives these thoughts is my need to understand, what certain things,people mean to me..
I just lent words to what I feel..
and answer to each of your questions is, both the choices you've mentioned :)
though not depressive ..just exploring the arena of expressions ;)
I put a full stop to what I want to express, when expressions are at its zenith..so ..yes trying to break freee :)
Thank you for the questions raised ^~^
Corrine dearest,
Thank you so much!!!
You observe and understand me so well..
Your blogposts and replies to mine are akin to an elixir in my life.
I don't know how you do it, but you are my Angel.
Merci for being here for me.
Love ^~^
PNA said…
beautifully illustrated and in a good set of words... I loved the wordy picture the best... that pic is so creative

Me said…
thanks Ash..yeah that's my fav pic too..that's so darn creative..hmm..
waiting to toy with creative imagery ...
buying time..
t'care :)
Twism said…
I am what I am.
A little bit of this, a little bit of that.
Part Devil, Part Angel.
I am unique, the same as everyone else.
Ordered chaos.
What say?
BTW, definitely will be back to blogging soon. Was busy with studies! The concern shown by you has definitely invigorated my return!
Me said…
Beautifully put Nitram.
I liked the turn of phrase "Ordered Chaos"..Play of words ;)
yayay!!!..Thanks Nitram!Jaldi aaao :)
BrownPhantom said…
A creative insight it was..
That was really very different..
Amusing to know that things could be looked at so differently.. Have seen many of the pics earlier, but never such thoughts occured to me :). Really good..Please post more often.
Me said…
.Different. ?
sometimes words just come out..you don't even know how and when they originated..like they always existed..and were waiting for their time to be expressed.
Thank you Phantom ^~^

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