U 2 Me

You are like the air around me,
I can feel it, but I can't see.

You are my calm & my storm,
you are the self, my heart calls home

I lose myself in you,

Just to find You, in Me again..


Sapna. R. Nayak said…
Wow!! this Poem is really very nice and sweet and it really feels that all this is coming from your heart and anyone will fall in love with it anytime.
happy writing!!
BrownPhantom said…
Lovely :).
Your work always has layers within. Liked it a lot :).
Unknown said…
its beautful. Made me sit back and reflect.
Unknown said…
This last lines remind me of the time when I used to figure out what the hymn 'Lose yourself in me' meant. This one was a brain twisting exercise quite similar to that. A fluffy comment, I know, but kya karen. A few more lines about how the air felt against you was something I got curious to know, I'm thinking fresh and crisp, but it's your call Miss Poet, your lines..
Dolly said…
Its beautiful ! ... touched my heart :-) .... If its love, it has to be dis pure n innocent !!

"Swaraanjali ho tum, jise gaaya hai,
Uttam rang samuh, jo man bhaaya hai,
Ibaadad hai yeh, nahi maaya hai,
Kho kar khud ko, tumhe paaya hai !!"
Me said…
THank you so much Sappy.. you have a way of bringing a flash grin on my face..keep visiting Girl.:)

Phantom..hey..thanks..it's amazing the way u can see the layers within..
each one has a different way of looking at a text/situation..that's what i wish to understand..thanks..:)

Thanks Sweetheart..come more often Vishi n yeah.. next time temme abt ur reflections too. :)

Ann..yeah.. thanks for reminding that one..reminds me of the times we used to go for mass early morn..
the air flow..sure..will describe that one soon...
Thanks Angel..keep visiting hoME :)
Me said…
Dol..ur verses are beautiful..i love our jugalbandi..we can just complete and compliment what each of us express.. keep coming girl..Meoww ;)
AishU:D said…
Well, whatever I wish to say has been said by other people.

But just one question: Who's it for?
Tangerine said…
Another gem!

for someone special?
Me said…
Thank you Aish..
Tang, sometimes words can't measure expression na.. ^~^
Meant for a reflection I reflected on :D

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