A ...

A sweltering cry
A killer’s fry

A Laughter’s death
A songbird bled

A reddish hue
waged overdue

A sting unfold
A story untold,

A life you left
In me.. bereft.


BrownPhantom said…
Wow..These were GOOD. Each of them individually and together even more so .
Me said…
Thanks Phantom :)
Tangerine said…
Wow! another suberb piece.

PS: Ur posts make me speechless! I can't seem to respond with anything other done exclamations!
Me said…
that's how i feel when I read your posts Tangy ^`^
Too long since we've 'seen' you but beautiful lines here. Take care and hope all is well.
Me said…
Thanks Corrine ^~^
yeah I keep phasing in and out these days..
Missed u guys a lot..time for a come back :D
You bet - come back soon :)

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