Knock KnoCK

Had written this post in Jan..
when I figured, on doing a net search after each brainstorming session...,
each of my well planned idea...was already put into some creative agency/institute or the other..
"Your best idea is already copyrighted." I lurvvv Murphy :I
sometimes it's ain't fun when too many minds think alike at the same time..
not when a submission is due...

When it happened for the tenth time in a row..after a period of 3 sleepless nights..this ensued...

do u get any sadistic pleasure...doing all this... :/
ki problem hai batao..toh?
..just when I thought I did a good job handling the crisis situation..did u air lift n put me in midst of a tsunami..n after all thAT swimming..when I..puff ..pant..reached the shore...u made the land under me give away,leavin me...fall into the abyss of the crack..made by the earthquake...
zindagi ke saare stress situations aap mujhe hi kyu dete ho...:X
do I entertain u so much...???

aapka bhi mast hai...
I must be the part of ur fav earth game...
fetter D
n I pull myself through..
U know God, labyrinth gets hackneyed after a point..n I think..U shouldn't play favorites(wow!!!what an honor..for being the apple of ur eye{erm..not a time to be sarcastic?}..Stevie Hon, are u in the same boat..., though I hope u get well soon..Apple is tasteless without U)
Yeah U guessed it right God..
M still game...
I know U want me to go on..what a way to test my creativity...chal..challenge accepted..bus ..ab yeh last wala..let's see if I can make a better one than I scribbled last night...
Yea..I still love U
Tum bhi naa...upar aane do...Dekh loongi aapko...
n dare u evade my Qs..i need all my answers... :)
back to Gaia... ^`^

Oh yeah..though Glad it was this way..
the 11th Idea worked wonders to the final outcome


Nice nice...wonderful pics too :)
Me said…
Thank you Corinne ..the first thought that came to my mind when i wrote this post was of you and Vidya.. :)
confused rants said…
awsome post..really like it..
Me said…
Thank you Sweet,Keep visiting :)

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