Just Another Me..

..No one wishes to be..
yet in some way or the other..
you become Me...

It's often seen that people having similar taste,whirling of neurons & ideologies get on well..like a house on fire..though its interesting to see,what's left behind after the blaze.
In most of the cases, that I have observed, the hatred or contempt about an issue or a person, doesn't arise,cuz they are different.It arises, cuz they themselves mirror the same feature, which they royally seem to hate it in the person they see..

So when the extremists talk of exterminating their enemy..who are they referring to?
To their reflections seen outside,or to their own demons that lie inside?

What defines me,
is what in you, I see..
then..is what you see..
a pure reflection of me..?


Illusionist said…
2 Points...
1. I could not make the head outta the tail of it!!!
2. The point you said is true.. but, isn't what you turn out to be, seasoned by what you are being portrayed as?
Good post.. but, why the hatred.. now?
Sumit said…
Interesting thought, Dee! :)
Me said…
being portrayed by whom?
If by self..,then not necessary...it be that way..
By others..
then how many understand that, at times it's reflection that they r vehemently denying?
Hatred now cuz..I witnessed the the hypocrisy recently..so the post :P

Thanx Sauron.. :)
Dolly said…
Your eyes see what your mind knows... And your mind knows.. What you yourself are... Hence... What you ultimately see is what innately you are :)
Me said…
it's all within you< dol? :P
wow..my mirror reflects more than one :D
BrownPhantom said…
Profound, but slightly confusing. Had to re-read to understand :).
Me said…
I entwined twin thoughts in the same plane..
hmm..Shall make it simpler from now on ..Danke Phantom.. :)
Razzer said…
Wooooh...Wot u have written is like fine art. ONly a few wud understand.

So...thank u for making my brain work a little. :-)
Me said…
Hehe..Thanks a lot Anand..:)
Rinku said…
i like your blog very much
you have written well
can we do link exchange?
Me said…
AishU:D said…
Deepti- well said- the devil or the divine we see outside are but reflection our own self....I am thrilled to read the blog.
AishU:D said…
That was Dad :) :) . Though I agree with him, you ought to know who commented, right ? :D
Me said…
Thank you Uncle, that was exactly what I wanted to showcase..
Thanks Aishu.. ^~^
Nike_007 said…
As we're so used to hearing...Happens!

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