Just for tonight..

Got stuck with the title after seeing Fuchsia's Blog.

Just for tonight..
I wish the Sun would shine..
the darkness abruptly end..
and daylight be mine..

Just for tonight..
May the nightingale sing.. when it's dreary in the dark,
the cell incessantly ring..

may the raindrops wash away,..
the rest, I wanted to stay..

the calm which brew the storm
may in it, a hope new spawn..

Just for tonight..
I await a wormhole..
to journey a distance,
& seek what's whole..


Twism said…
Good poem! Thankfully this time no SMSese!

P.S. Thank god you did not get inspired by any of my posts, or else you would have been stuck with the worst titles ever!
AishU:D said…
I never knew you were a poet... This is the best poem I've come across in my life, except for Anand's. Sorry, I know I'm kind of biased, but still! This poem is AMAZING!
Hi - came here via 'Hues of Insanity' - great blog. You have a new follower.
Me said…
Hehe Nitram,yeah..it's an attempt..To Revive the Queen :P
Now that you mentioned I must say..Ur Twisms n titles tweet well in sNychrony :)

@ Aishu..
Thanks Aishu.. I didn't know Anand wrote as well!Woah!!Eagerly aWAITING TO Land home :)

Thanks Corinne!Welcome Home.T'care ^-^
Tangerine said…
if this is an 'attempt' of a poem i can't wait to see what your 'worked on' poem looks like!!!
Me said…
Tangy..read this one..


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