Craziness redefined 
@ the zenith of Life
red says blue
& I'm still the calm

chasing a dream
that never was real
though left a trail..
n thoughts unclear

why seek an answer
you never asked?
Why think a thought
that never was..

smell the coffee
flick the alarm
fine tune the ray
GN says dawn...


Tangerine said…
beautiful poem
i really have a way with words.

so whats the title?
Me said…
Thanks tang..
I agree..U really have a way with words..n so I eagerly await ur blogposts :D

what do You think it should be..
Tangerine said…
oh no oh no! gross error. oh no oh no!!!
i meant
u really have a way with words

god! this will teach me to read my comments carefully before i post!!

PS: seeing that u have already replied my comment i m not gonna delete it. hence this comment with my sincere apologies.
Me said…
Tangy dear...chill ye...
N hey..i realized what u meant..just wanted to pull ur leg..though actually meaning every word of what i said ..Cheerz..

btw...if i ever recall my disastrous bloopers..will post em..n we could have a laugh ... :P
Me said…
Hey u didn't reply..
What do you think the title should be...ur perspective..
Tangerine said…
u know i excel in gyanlessness.
i can only admire ur poetic skills.


after reading, i m sure u wil realise that ur poem is better off without a title than one from me!
i cannot bear to spoil the beauty of ur poem by suggesting sumthing gyanless
Me said…
gyanlessness??..yeah right Tang!!!!..U were the fresh breather who made this blogger resurface back again..

I simply love the way U narrate an incident n express ur self
& regd that poem...
lol...I loved ur poetic sensa Humor..
we want more!!!!
Twism said…
Hey this is the first poem I have seen, in the SMSese language(GN, @ etc)!
That aside, a poem worth reflecting on! Keep up the good work!
P.S. Is the title something in morse code? A little clue perhaps?
Me said…
yeah.. even m trying to decode, what I meant to say..if are able to do so..Nitram,do lemme know as well..

hmm..yeah..Ur rite though..made this poem as I was traveling..I was SMSing my friend then ;P

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