Ive been hibernating for long..
never realized,when the snow fell, bridges got broken..roads swerved ... and stalactites and stalagmites got formed..
Guess..I tooK "It's all within you" tag line a bit too seriously... :P

Sometimes, the light which shows you the way,can burn you..a laser than heals can also blind you...
As Seth says, the choices that you make in Life, is what eventually determines..what u be..

time to reclaim my life... ,Trideep Tangerine, Sauron, Raju(whose select rock songs,I couldn't have done without)& Illusionist..
Danke for not taking a No..and Driving me to Insanity to make a comeback..

Life looks nice and beautiful...hmm :)


Tangerine said…
Look whos back!!!

GOD said…
ah, I'm honored xD
Me said…
Thanks Tangy and Raju ^- ^

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