ReFreSh ho JaO !

After watching this Ad I actually started drinking Limca, not because the Ad suggested so, but the Ad per se was so creative and F5inG, that I felt compelled to ackNowledge iTs purpose..

Twas a Sultry nerve-wracking afternoon, when I saw this one..
it was a 42 sec Ad then,..I guess, after this gained popularity, the view time was increased to 2.07 min

I could actually feel the ad..Bugged by the business of Life,

a 5 min break which breaks into masti, a sparkle in the eye, with the icy cold splashes of water sprayed ..when she splashes it on his face,

jumping with all ur might on the puddle,

the child like excitement to hide, without being seen behind the tree(ahh..good ol times ;-)) and catching the person unawares..a la holi water balloon going splash on you,

resolving to dunk him..

and just when he thought it was over...

an impish grin greets him..& he's hit by a powerful surge of a row full of water springs ...

Haseen lamhon ko churalo ^ - ^


Dolly said…
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Dolly said…
d ad reminds me of how in dis fast paced life.. v forget 2 value our near ones.. werin dey give us all d comfort n support n love 2 carry on! ... imagine d ad being shot only on d gal r d guy?? ... naaah!!! ... its THEIR naughty love, bachpana n d chemistry dat sumhw reminds us of d ppl dat mater 2 us! ...its all abt spending quality time wid our dear 1s... limca toh bas bahan hai ;)
Tangerine said…
personally i dont like limca but i do like the ad.

and i love the way you have secribed it. :)
Me said…
hehe Dolla..good one..yea..ur right on that one.. :P

Thanks Tangy :)
GOD said…
did you really start drinking limca after watching this :O
Me said…
yup..once in a while...
I NEVER used to drink it earlier..:P

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