What’s the purpose?
May I ask?
We all seem 2 b doing,
Some formidable task

Should v b doing this?
Can’t v really give it a miss?

Wud u venture out new?
If u ever knew,
That this is not it
This aint where u fit

wud u dare,
2 leave Ur cozy world?
Wud u care
Or become furled?

Wud u ever explore
Where none have gone b4?

Wud u show courage
To go beyond Ur cage?

With instincts as Ur guide,
N with presence of mind,
Start Ur journey

Far beyond u can c.
Believe in Ur vision

Make it Ur mission
U won’t go wrong
Even if it takes long

Coz it’s about U
Place, were U always dwelt.

Unfold the mysteries
Dive 'into the seas'

Feel the deja vu
Like, u always knew
Of, something beyond…



Illusionist said…
Good rhymes, short lines and a bit imploring zing to it too!
In all makes you a budding rasta-chaap poet...
Not bad for starters.. at all..
Me said…
my best creation made the creator a budding rasta chap poet???
erm what???
Thanx Illusionist
guess gotta dive further into the matrix...
erm btw...may I know..why did I earn laurels for the same when u saw this one on another blog first??? :P
Illusionist said…
Dat was not when I was as 'seasoned' as I currently am...
Hence, d deviatory comments!!!
Me said…
Garnished ..yeah..can see that...i mean..ur use of inversion is the first of its kinds I've ever Wren n Martin could ever manage to teach me..this :D

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